Monday, December 7

Truth Time.

Okay, I have a huge confession. On a good day my apartment is charmingly cluttered. On a bad day my apartment is a tiny mess. Literally. I spent the better part of Friday, two and a half hours to be exact, cleaning an apartment it takes 8 steps to walk from the front door to the back of the bathroom. As I inhaled more dust then imaginable, I came upon a realization. Not only is my 2 room apartment too small for 2 dogs and 2 people, but I really need to get rid of some of the crap that clutters my apartment. So after a shower (I felt so dirty I used the newly scrubbed shower), I tried my hardest to clean out my closet, desk and living room. All I ended up with was a bag of garbage and a grungey pair of William's old shoes. I can't bring myself to throw away ratty dog toys, or the dress I have worn once. So my brilliant idea to throw away and clean out my tiny mess went back to charmingly cluttered. I wish it was different—I really do. But I've come to the conclusion I'm one of those people. I'm a shopper. And a pack rat. So I'm destined to be just like my mother. I've got more Thanksgiving decorations than most people have for Christmas. And the tub that those decorations are in? Its in the living room gathering dust until the next day I get a break, and two and a half hours to clean. Lord knows when that will be.

And that picture above? That is the hyped up Charlie Brown Tree. The box next to it? My sewing machine. The wreath on top? The Harvest wreath I bought on sale. Have I proved my point about the clutter? It's quite charming though, if I do say so myself! Hard to believe it takes up a quarter of my living room though!!

Have a great week everyone, I know I will! Christmas is in the air and I am just 2 papers and 2 finals away from fully enjoying the season!

Monday, November 30

Beginning of the Most Wonderful Time!

Hard to believe--Christmas is yet again upon us. William, GK and I decorated the tree tonight! And I have to say I am extremely proud of it. It has quite the "Charlie Brown Tree" appeal. I think it might be time to bite the bullet and get a "grown up" tree...ahhh, maybe next year. For now I think I'll enjoy the purple lights, silver garland and wooden ornaments. Merry Christmas y'all!!

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