Wednesday, September 11

Breakfast Wonder: ZonePerfect® Greek Yogurt Bars

It's no secret I love starting my day with Pure Barre. It's weird because I actually don't mind getting up at 5:20 three mornings a week to lift, tone and burn. The one thing I do mind about it is my breakfast.

Since I finish my workout and am home by 7, I go straight into the shower/my morning routine. And I never know what to eat for breakfast. Usually, I just grab a protein bar or Bolthouse smoothie, because I know I need the nutrients, but I never have the time am too lazy to fix anything else. I want to get to my office and not sit scrambling eggs or whatever. If I, for some reason, don't eat I not only get crabby, but I get a pretty bad headache.

ENTER ZonePerfect® Greek Yogurt Bars.

Thanks to Influenster, I received the Good Life Vox Box. Inside the box was a bunch of different health and fitness related stuff, some things I couldn't enjoy {thanks nut allergy} and some things I fell in love with. Like the greek yogurt bars. For me, they were the perfect amount of crunch and creamy. I've tried other bars that are way too creamy that had me thinking, "Ew, I have teeth I'd like to use them, thanks." I've also experienced the too-crunchy bars, which went a little something like this: "OMG WTF."

Imagine my delight when I was greeted with creamy chocolate and crunchy bubbles? pockets of vitamins? Heck, I don't know but it was delicious. Plus, 3g of fiber! 12g of protein! 190 calories! I actually felt full after I ate it!

I got the chocolate flavor in my box, which hello who doesn't love healthy chocolate!!, but they also have raspberry and vanilla, which both have piqued my curiosity. These bad boys will definitely be added to my weekly shopping list.

*I did receive this product complimentary for my review, from Influenster, but all opinions are my own—duh!*

Monday, September 9

August Cara Box Reveal!

During the month of August I was able to participate in the Cara Box Exchange that Kaitlyn from Wifessionals came up with. Through this exchange you get paired with two other bloggers and get to know them via email and their blogs. At the end of the month each blogger sends one box and receives one box. This month we were paired using our "seasons of life" and our geographical regions. This helps us have the opportunity to really connect with our partners and make a new friend.

Y'all. I hit the jackpot. I was paired with Reba of RebaKWrites and Leslie of Legally Leslie. I sent Reba a box, so check with her to see what I sent...I had a blast pulling it all together.

Leslie sent me a box, and boy, even though she's a Michigan girl, she definitely gets this Southern girl. Her note was the perfect dose of encouragement, I couldn't ask for anything better! How she knew I've been drooling over the September Vogue, I'll always wonder...

 Here's what I got:
One can never have too many pillows. EVER.
With Fall TV back soon, this is perfect!
Perfect reading material for the next Woods Barbie adventure!
I wasn't sure what I was in for when I signed up for the exchange, but it exceeded my expectations. I made two blogger friends I'll definitely still follow along with. In fact, I can say I'm already thinking once Leslie gets out of 1L we might need an Atlanta coffee date! I had such a good experience I went ahead and signed up for the next box exchange! I'm looking forward to getting to know another set of bloggers!

Friday, September 6

The Hard Hat Diaries: Time to Spread My Wings

Coming off my week long "Loop" trip, I had 48 hours at home before heading to Atlanta and catching a plane for Flint, Mich. My quick one day stop over in Atlanta yielded some delicious home cooking I had desperately been craving, and as a bonus, a girl date as well. One of my best friends lived with my parents in August as she finished up an internship at the Georgia Aquarium (I KNOW HOW COOL!?!?!) so during my stop over, we were able to hang out for the first time in a long time. Too bad she wasn't as excited as I was.
I love you too, Little Shelby Fish Guts.
I flew out nice and early to Flint, my first work trip where I actually took a plane. This was huge for me. I still drove clear across the state of Michigan, and accidentally to Indiana once, but to actually fly to my destination and not drive was such a relief. Especially since it would have been a like bazillion hours in the car just to get to Michigan from Montgomery. Nevermind the added mileage to get to my interviews!
I don't go anywhere without my trusty atlas!
Just like when I am in points South, in Michigan I was story gathering. Though, I spent two days attending an equipment manufacturer's new equipment demonstration and anniversary celebration. (Say that three times fast.)
I met some interesting people, including hanging out with Bobby and Lori Goodson of Swamp Loggers, which is like hanging out with the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner of the logging world. Saw some pretty cool equipment, like this bad boy, and came to the realization that Michigan might be one of the most beautiful states I’ve been too...If only it wasn't so damn cold. I mean COME ON I was wearing a sweater. In August. And I still ended up with some cold/flu like nasty virus. Yuck.

I know your college football is subpar, but can your weather be better? Please? By midday Wednesday I had a pretty bad cold, and by my flight home Friday I was ready to crawl in bed and never leave. I will also never, ever, ever fly with a cold again. I was literally crying during take off and landing. I'm pretty sure it took days for my ears to recover.

Wednesday, September 4

The Hard Hat Diaries: God Bless Whataburger

Holy crap! It's...September? Already? Where'd August go? Heck, where'd July go? I keep telling myself I'm going to make time for this little personal slice of internet, and then I go home and find Netflix. Sad truth. I know I can't be the only one. {Speaking of which, it only took me one month to rewatch every episode of Greek. Remember how awesome that show was? CAPPIE&CASEY4EVA}

July was a blur of basically nothing....August on the other hand...

Well I went on not one, but two Woods Barbie adventures, received my first Influenster box and my first Cara Box, as well as began year two as Miss Jessica. So I have plenty of material. Guess it's time to start writing...

August has been by far the craziest month of travel I've had in a long while. First up was what I like to call a week long "Loop" trip, hitting Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana for stories. This time, however, I added Texas to my list. I'd only been to Texas once before, to Fort Worth, so I was excited to expand my horizons. AKA add another state to my every growing list of states I've gotten lost in.  Texas has LOTS of Whataburgers, which is basically the best food ever. Happy little me didn’t mind Texas one damn bit! Gone are the days of surviving on Sonic. THANK GOD. I don't think I could eat another bite of Sonic if my life depended on it. Seriously. 
This stack is one day going to be toilet paper!
The week was basically a blur between accidentally making my phone think it was March 2011, remembering to take real time marketing photos, actually getting to drive one of the giant pieces of machinery I write about, and seeing a bear.

Yes, you read that correctly: I saw a bear. I was piloting a Chevy 200, which is a wanna be Chevy 300 which is a wanna be Bentley{don't I get the best rental cars?}, so I was NOT confident that the bear couldn't paw it's way in. Hence no photographic evidence. I was lost on some backwoods Arkansas state highway, trying to find Louisiana, when out pops a damn bear. BEAR! During the bear debacle, my boss starts texting me about the movie Deliverance. Again. I really don’t think I ever want to see that movie. Ever. 

Sadly, those were the major highlights of the week. Compared to most trips, I laid low. Though I went from boots and jeans Friday morning to a black tie fundraiser Friday night. Ahhh, the beautiful dichotomy of my life. 

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