Friday, February 8

The Hardhat Diaries: YouTube Sensation!

Just call me Erin...Andrews that is. Because I am well on my way.

I can file this under "things I've always wanted to do: become a broadcast reporter."

Wednesday, February 6


Monday was my birthday. Which, of course, meant all I wanted to do was run around with a tub of glitter and make everyone as happy as I was. But, since it was a Monday nothing terribly exciting was going on. Thankfully, I have one of the best guy friends a girl could ask for and he and I, along with another great friend, celebrated my birthday in style.

The bar in Montgomery that I like going to has something called a “Shot Room,” where, you guessed it, the temperatures are subzero, liquor lines one of the walls and the sole purpose is to take shots. They also offer some of the nastiest fur vests and coats I’ve ever seen.

Barbie pink nails tie the whole thing together really.

So, of course, any excuse to wear fur and drink tequila I capitalize on, it being my birthday, I grabbed me a vest and downed some tequila like a champion. Happy Birthday to Me!

February is a big birthday month around here. Not only is it my birthday, but today is Grace Kelly’s birthday. Five years ago today little GK came into 500 Grace St. Apt. 5 and my life forever changed.

We both look so young!

Back then she was a little skinnier and while I attest she has always had this surly personality, others claim different. She enters into “senior” status next year and the thought they were are both getting up in years, but staying young and a little snarky at heart, makes me laugh. Five years ago I never thought we’d live in Montgomery and have two other dogs we share our lives with. 

The only piece of clothing she will wear, a "Bite Me" Christmas tee.

Can’t wait to see what the next five years with this little nugget brings.

Hopefully, some better breath ;)

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