Wednesday, March 27

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

My all time favorite movie is a '90's classic: "The American President."  Set in modern day DC, mainly The White House, the President of the United States meets and falls in love with a lobbyist. It really is the best movie in the world. There's politics! There's sex! There's a whack job stinky poop face! You should watch it as soon as possible. (& make sure to let me know, because I can quote pretty much the entire thing and it's usually amusing to see.) In one of the scenes from the movie, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," a classic movie by Frank Capra, is referenced. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT GOOGLE IT BECAUSE YOU'RE EMBARRASING ME. Hence the title of this trip recap! #endramble

Over this past weekend DCK and I flew out to Washington DC! We hung out with friends, took in the sights and rode the metro. We also ate. And then ate some more. And then decided we were really proud Americans.  

Washington this go 'round was such a different experience than it was when I last went. As an adult I appreciate more of the history. I, also, standing in the middle of the Library of Congress, realized I am a huge nerd. Like epic nerd. Like I was disappointed I didn't get to hear all the guest lectures they have scheduled this month, nerd. Mooooving on.

We took in the sights...
 Marveled at buildings filled with beauty...
Paid our respects to those before us...
  Froze our asses off...
Showed Dixieland pride...
Fangirled so hard (not because of Obama, but the aforementioned favorite movie!)
Walked all around Georgetown U in search of a souvenir for my Dad's personal sports bar...
Witnessed what true dedication and belief in a cause looked like... 
 These protestors slept in front of the SCOTUS in the snow and rain days before arguments were heard. Before the general masses got involved in the cause. These people showed up; heads held high as they listened to a crazy man protest Roe v. Wade in front of the hoards of varying middle school tour groups. These people amazed me. Love is the most important thing that God has given us—in any and all forms. These people reminded me.

We ate at some of the most amazing restaurants I literally can't bring myself to eat a meal in Montgomery. I was also too busy shoving the food in my face to take pictures, so just trust me. The. Food. Was. Sensational. Ooof. It was a wonderful weekend and despite the 3:30am wakeup call and 6:00am flight back yesterday, I wouldn't have changed a moment of it.

Oh, and we had been batting around a certain possible location for our next BIG trip and then saw this on one of our many metro rides. It was clearly a sign...
So, basically, here we come Reykjavik. Can't wait to meet you (and the Northern Lights) in January of 2014.

Wednesday, March 20

A True Love Affair

I've never had something I swear by. I mean I loved my Rainbows in high school and college.  I've always thought Apple products are better than their Windows counterparts; I think that in some instances generic brand foods are just as good as name brands. But I've never sworn by anything.

I am a flip flopper. I like trying everything and sticking with what doesn't look terrible at the end of the day. That was until I met my Minnetonka Moccasins.
It started out as a DSW gift card/coupon combination impulse purchase. Now I know it is real love. I now have something I swear by.

Oh yeah, and they are the most comfortable shoes ever that compliment a variety of my offbeat outfits. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

Monday, March 18

No Green Beer This Year

St. Patrick's Day (or St. Practice Day for the revelers that celebrated Saturday) for most people involved green beer (more green beer) and crappy food and things I pretty much earmark as an average day in the life of college me. 

I worked out at 9am on Saturday. I wore a green bikini to the pool Saturday afternoon. I GOT ABSOLUTELY TORCHED IN SAID GREEN BIKINI. It still hurts and I'm still cranky. I darkened my hair using my new favorite thing in the world, eSalon, before I went on a theatre and dinner date.

On the actual Feast of Saint Patrick, I did a little party for the baby Catholics. I spent a good bit of time last week trolling the interwebs, mainly Google; Pinterest has been overwhelming me in a bad way lately, for activities and crafts that would help convey WHO St. Patrick was and WHAT St. Patrick's Day really means to us Catholics. (Hint, leprechauns have nothing to do with it.)

Anyway, we did a word search as warm up and enjoyed donuts before praying the Breastplate of St. Patrick! The word search was okay; honestly, I will probably make my own next year.

Then we learned some quick "life and times of Patrick" while filling out this mini book. I loved this activity because my classroom has a SmartBoard and we were able to fill in the worksheets right on the screen. It was great.

Our final activity, which clearly highlights that I am infreakingsane, was creating spoon saints. I got the idea from Catholic Icing, my new favorite place in the world, who got it from Cottage Blessings.

The kids did great! I was able to get all the supplies for all 23 of my kidlets for about $15 using a coupon at Michael's. I got the 12X12 pieces of green and yellow paper, then using my paper trimmer cut them into four separate pieces to pass out for the vestments.
The glitter was an absolute F'ing disaster, but it made them happy and y'know whatever. (I'm pretty sure I still have gold glitter in my ear.) 

But in the end everyone was proud of what they made. I'm still kicking myself for not getting a close up of an actual spoon saint, but you live and learn right? There's anyways next year, because this is one craft I will be doing again. 

Friday, March 15

Friday Favorites Pinterest Addition

I'm slowly working thru my pins, either actually making the recipes or deleting them, and as I do that some favorites jump out...
L’Uomo Vogue
via Tumblr

via Real Simple
via Tumblr
Hot boy with books! Piglets with Paint! Fancy Gin-based Punch! Pink and stone! These are definitely the top four I'm feeling this week.

Don't forget about the Samantha Faye flash sale! Ends Sunday night, 3/17 at Midnight CST. 30% off EVERYTHING with the code Jessica30. Use it to get an adorable little guy like this.

Wednesday, March 13

Literary Snack

Lately I have been in a Nora Roberts mood. My reading has a tendency to come and go in waves, and while I read so much technical stuff for the day job, the heavier classics for my classes (say that three times fast!), sometimes I just want a literary snack.

Or literary filth as someone has called it. Which, by the way, if you think NR's romances are filthy have you actually READ any pages of Christian Grey? Don't get me started on that...that…filth.

Off my soapbox and back on to my topic. The world is complicated, constantly changing, and topsy-turvy and hard to understand. Nora is all those things. But with a happy ending that life usually sometimes decides you don't deserve can't have.
But surely I'm not the only one that spends hours reading titles like Playing the Odds: The Story of Serena and Justin.

Or maybe I am.

Monday, March 11


For the last little while I have be helping spread the word about a new jewelry line based in Boston: Samantha Faye.

Mainly, I drum up sales, try to place product in stores and maintain the line’s Pinterest! (So, follow it if you don’t already!)

I have quite a few samples I totally love.
Yes, that is in fact a rose gold plated pig
  They are perfectly wonderful. Delicate. Great addition to an outfit—I’ve gotten into wearing one and a scarf for some added pizzazz to a “basic” outfit. I rocked the elephant on my birthday with a string of pearls. I like mixing the unexpected and SF allows me to do that!

 If you don’t believe me, check Caitlin’s blog about her experience with the SF wishbone!

Anyway, for this week only, March 11 through the 17, I will be hosting a FLASH SALE. Yes, use the code Jessica30 at checkout and you’ll get 30% off your order

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of these charms. 

Friday, March 8

Five Friday Favorites

I love a good phrase. I also love a good use of alliteration. Ergo, Five Friday Favorites.

For A Good Time, Call...
I saw this movie a few days ago and absolutely loved it. Redbox it ASAP. (pssst, you can use the code DVDONME and get it free!)

This past weekend was the Montgomery Home & Garden Show. My Momma came in town for a girls' weekend and we spent Saturday eating at my favorite restaurant, walking the show floor, listening to Ahmad Hassen (HGTV's Yard Crasher) and looking at potential houses for me and the girls to move into!

Another day, another dollar. Er, cover.

Someone got up on the bed. The same someone has also learned to start "cheesin'."

This guy. No caption needed.

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