Wednesday, March 13

Literary Snack

Lately I have been in a Nora Roberts mood. My reading has a tendency to come and go in waves, and while I read so much technical stuff for the day job, the heavier classics for my classes (say that three times fast!), sometimes I just want a literary snack.

Or literary filth as someone has called it. Which, by the way, if you think NR's romances are filthy have you actually READ any pages of Christian Grey? Don't get me started on that...that…filth.

Off my soapbox and back on to my topic. The world is complicated, constantly changing, and topsy-turvy and hard to understand. Nora is all those things. But with a happy ending that life usually sometimes decides you don't deserve can't have.
But surely I'm not the only one that spends hours reading titles like Playing the Odds: The Story of Serena and Justin.

Or maybe I am.

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