Monday, June 29


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Life has gotten way out of hand and I feel like I am drowning. It's a good drowning, but drowning all the same. Plus, I've nearly completely forgotten the Fourth of July, so we have no plans, yet.

I've yet to really put on my bathing suit which kinda makes me sad since it's nearly July, but our weekends have been just that jammed with other things. Plus, I never really realized how inconvenient it is not to have a neighborhood pool! Another thing about Montgomery that's weird to me: If you want to go to a pool you have to either join the Y, one of the country clubs, or put one in your backyard. Annoying.

Currently around the Johnson Anderson house, we are...

Enjoying the summer. Because nothing says summer fun quite like this picture, amiright?
Laughing at this post I saw float around Facebook last week: 10 Things Catholics Are Tired of Hearing, which is so incredibly accurate. Y'all, I'm so tired of misinformed folks telling me flat out stupid things about my faith. No, no, I'm not in fact in a cult that is comprised of non-Christians who pray to dead people and try to buy our way to Heaven. But please, tell me more about your snake handling Protestant ways. PLEASE. All the eyerolls.

Jumping for joy that I got to not only use my Grandmother's punch bowl Friday, but some of Mark's Grandmother's monogrammed silver as well. We welcomed Artur Davis, and his lovely wife Tara, into our home Friday for some conversations over cocktails about his vision for the future of our fair capital city. We're so excited to be a part of this campaign and look forward to the next two months. Does anyone know the proper way to wash 75 year old silver?
TRUTH. In light of everything that happened last week, I feel like my favorite meme, courtesy of one of my favorite people, is highly appropriate. Y'all means ALL.
Cheers to a great (short) week!
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Wednesday, June 24

Sun-Dried Tomato and Herb Crusted Salmon

Ever give a man a gift you think is the coolest thing ever and them be like "ehh, it's neat."

No? Just me? Shit.

That's what happened with Mark's Christmas present two years ago: a basket for grilling fish. I didn't notice until recently, but he's never used it. So, when we purchased a really nice piece of salmon from Costco, I suggested he use the basket to grill it with a little concoction I thought would be good.

Let's just say he's glad he listened to me and the "neat" Christmas present has been vindicated! 
Y'all, seriously, try this on salmon immediately and thank me later.
 Sun-Dried Tomato and Herb Crusted Salmon
 First, spray your basket (or tin foil) with olive oil skin side down. Rub two or three pinches (about a teaspoon or so depending on the size of your fish) of cayenne, basil, dill and garlic salt into the fish. Smother the herbs with the juice of a full lemon. Slice about a quarter of a cup (give or take depending on your fish's size) of sun-dried tomatoes. Place them on top of the fish. Cover the entire thing with the slices of two lemons on top of the fish. Grill skin side up for a few minutes to give it a sear, flip it, and then watch until it looks nice and flaky

Friday, June 19

15 for 2015 Update: May

What counts here is that I am keeping myself accountable about this right? Not that I am just getting to this, instead of writing it two weeks ago like I should have….

Progress on 15 for 2015 during the month of May, which I sorta think I blacked out for?

15 for 2015 
Hit the Pure Barre Montgomery 250 Tuck Club (Accomplished in January) 
Spend another long weekend in Curacao 
 Show Fitz and Alex the beach 
Read 15 books 1: Mending Fences 2: Tonight and Always 3: A Matter of Choice 4: Endings and Beginnings

Take an entire month and not buy a single piece of clothing (or accessory) for myself Success! I actually didn’t buy myself a single thing in May that wasn’t a complete necessity, like toothpaste!! 

Finally re-decorate our living room (Accomplished in April) 

Update my phone software (Not that it helped anything) 

Visit Kimber, Gentry and Saylor at the farm in Pennsylvania We’ve got plans to head there in July! 

Go home for Alabama Homecoming 

Write my Nanny once a month January: yes, sort of. February: yes! March: yes! April: No. May: No. I still have an incredible amount of guilt on this one. 

Try 15 new recipes 1: Creamy Italian Chicken Crockpot Bake 2: Cajun Cake recipe from Southern Living Annual Recipes 1987 edition 3: Basil Chicken Pizza 4: Fiesta Chicken Rice Bowls 5: Carla Hall’s Confetti Blondies 6: Cheeseburger Pie 7: Sun-Dried Tomato and Herb Crusted Salmon I actually created myself! 
Completely clean out my closet Still working on this one. Though I’m fairly confident I’m at my breaking point with my closet. 
Take about a zillion more pictures Working on it, I mean, these moments are not going to last forever. 
Note to self: drag out the big camera next time and don't get your thigh in the corner.
Clean out the storage unit and sell the furniture we are never going to use (Accomplished in March) 
Show Mark Philadelphia and the Porecca family

Still, all about the slow climb to greatness—at least I add a few things to my list. Though at what point do I ring the bell and call it mediocrity?

Thursday, June 18

Eight Months

**Only a week late because #mommaworks**

 Babies. OH MY GOODNESS. You are quickly becoming NOT my babies. You're such an active set of tiny people. You babble at each other constantly, and lately when you notice one another you visibly brighten. It's actually the most precious thing I've ever seen—and I know each time you do it I have the cheesiest grin on my face.

Mealtime is still your favorite time and you LOVE trying to help feed yourself. Your Daddy and I absolutely hate when the baby hands try to assist, but I also kinda think it is funny when your Daddy gets frustrated. In your highchairs after breakfast is usually your favorite time to "play" with each other, which usually just entails scream-talking at one another and flinging your arms about.
You both love vanilla custard and juice. We're still working on the sippy cup, you can't quite figure that ish out yet. Nearly every day you wear a polo with shorts to school and I can almost close my eyes and see two young adults in polos and shorts rushing out the door in the morning.
You are starting to have so much fun playing with your half brother and sister. They are very patient with you and you have fun watching them, trying to scoot over to them.

Fitzy, you're still a fuss budget and the chunkier baby. You're pretty good on the size portion chart: (20% for weight, 25% for height) but you got a big ole head (75%). You're over 17 lbs. now and you just feel like a ton of bricks: What happened to my 6 lb. newborn??? You have exactly one tooth that has cropped up on the bottom. It hasn't made it's full appearance yet, but it has broken through the skin—another sign you're a big boy. Your hair is officially out of control and like your Momma, the humidity does nothing for you. Some times I seriously consider putting a dab of product in it, and then I remember you aren't on Toddlers and Tiaras.
Alex, you're still Shrimpy, but you're catching up quick! You had some set backs with the worst case of diaper rash ever thanks to a little stomach bug. Seriously, you had a blistery butt: I felt so horrible for you. But, Al Pal, you've rebounded from the rash (sorta #godblessresinol) and you're on the growth chart! Still in the 2nd and 3rd percentiles, but hey, that's better than the 1st!! You're clocking in at a hefty 15ish lbs. You've gone from a single curl to full on wavy top, so who knows if you'll end up with the Fitz style afro or not.

Photos by the insanely talented Shelby Berry

Monday, June 8


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It's been a weird few weeks at work, the short week threw me off majorly, and then this past week, I couldn't seem to get ahead of myself. Mark started a new job and finding a new rhythm has been difficult. I haven't been going to pure barre like I should and I can feel the pain in my back getting worse because of it. Plus I just have zero energy. My resolve for this week is to get back into my routine. I also have been sleeping in, and a rushed morning doesn't help me have an "on track" day.

Currently around the Johnson Anderson house, we are…

Celebrating our favorite guy. Sunday was Mark's birthday and we had the best time. We did absolutely nothing after brunch at the new Blackfinn Ameripub (which was like a Church'd up Applebees and came with a $60 pre-tip price tag, yuck!) except hang out and watch White Collar. It was also F&A's eighth month birthday! So crazy to think this year is almost over.

Laughing hysterically over the fact that you can purchase Harry Potter scented candles. Y'all, I love the internet.
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Trying (and failing) to blog. This week I'm carving out some time and just doing it. I have a notebook filled with ideas and half written posts. I am even going to pretend like I did an seven month update and write the boys' eighth month update…

Getting excited for a trip to our family's cabin in Wisconsin. We booked our flights last week and I can't wait for a long weekend in the North Woods.

Cheers to a great week!
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Monday, June 1


 *Linking up with Becky for the first time in like a month*
Does anyone else hate short work-weeks? I am always so confused. I love having a free day off but I am constantly mixed up. For the better part of Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday and then over compensated by thinking it was Thursday. Talk about a FAIL.

Last week I spent a glorious and somewhat mild (for end of May at least) week in North Carolina and I still haven't unpacked my suitcase. I don't know if I should pat myself on the back for making good on my "live in the moment" resolution or I should be embarrassed I'm so lazy?

Anywayyyyy, currently, I am:

Obsessed with the old USA show White Collar. Matt Bomer is so, so incredibly hot. We cut cable in January and haven’t really found a problem using a combination of Netflix and Hulu to stay up to date on shows and keep ourselves entertained. After getting hooked on (and finishing) The Glades, I vowed to not start another series unless I knew it had an ending and didn't end with a cliffhanger. Anyone else get really annoyed when the stories just stop?
Feeling stupid after seeing Confetti Blondies on The Chew. Don't you hate when you have a "why didn't I think of that" moment? That was me when I saw Carla Hall's recipe. They are in my rolodex of sweets to try immediately.
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Nodding right along with 5 Ridiculous Myths About Daycare Kids from Scary Mommy. Usually Scary Mommy is hit or miss with me, but this one was RIGHT on point. I swear I've been told "Daycare costs as much as you make" at least a dozen times, which of course is a gross overstatement and NONEYABIDDNESS.

What's going on with y'all? I also encourage fellow lazy bloggers to join Becky's link up. It's a great way to keep your online diary going!

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