Thursday, June 18

Eight Months

**Only a week late because #mommaworks**

 Babies. OH MY GOODNESS. You are quickly becoming NOT my babies. You're such an active set of tiny people. You babble at each other constantly, and lately when you notice one another you visibly brighten. It's actually the most precious thing I've ever seen—and I know each time you do it I have the cheesiest grin on my face.

Mealtime is still your favorite time and you LOVE trying to help feed yourself. Your Daddy and I absolutely hate when the baby hands try to assist, but I also kinda think it is funny when your Daddy gets frustrated. In your highchairs after breakfast is usually your favorite time to "play" with each other, which usually just entails scream-talking at one another and flinging your arms about.
You both love vanilla custard and juice. We're still working on the sippy cup, you can't quite figure that ish out yet. Nearly every day you wear a polo with shorts to school and I can almost close my eyes and see two young adults in polos and shorts rushing out the door in the morning.
You are starting to have so much fun playing with your half brother and sister. They are very patient with you and you have fun watching them, trying to scoot over to them.

Fitzy, you're still a fuss budget and the chunkier baby. You're pretty good on the size portion chart: (20% for weight, 25% for height) but you got a big ole head (75%). You're over 17 lbs. now and you just feel like a ton of bricks: What happened to my 6 lb. newborn??? You have exactly one tooth that has cropped up on the bottom. It hasn't made it's full appearance yet, but it has broken through the skin—another sign you're a big boy. Your hair is officially out of control and like your Momma, the humidity does nothing for you. Some times I seriously consider putting a dab of product in it, and then I remember you aren't on Toddlers and Tiaras.
Alex, you're still Shrimpy, but you're catching up quick! You had some set backs with the worst case of diaper rash ever thanks to a little stomach bug. Seriously, you had a blistery butt: I felt so horrible for you. But, Al Pal, you've rebounded from the rash (sorta #godblessresinol) and you're on the growth chart! Still in the 2nd and 3rd percentiles, but hey, that's better than the 1st!! You're clocking in at a hefty 15ish lbs. You've gone from a single curl to full on wavy top, so who knows if you'll end up with the Fitz style afro or not.

Photos by the insanely talented Shelby Berry

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