Monday, June 1


 *Linking up with Becky for the first time in like a month*
Does anyone else hate short work-weeks? I am always so confused. I love having a free day off but I am constantly mixed up. For the better part of Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday and then over compensated by thinking it was Thursday. Talk about a FAIL.

Last week I spent a glorious and somewhat mild (for end of May at least) week in North Carolina and I still haven't unpacked my suitcase. I don't know if I should pat myself on the back for making good on my "live in the moment" resolution or I should be embarrassed I'm so lazy?

Anywayyyyy, currently, I am:

Obsessed with the old USA show White Collar. Matt Bomer is so, so incredibly hot. We cut cable in January and haven’t really found a problem using a combination of Netflix and Hulu to stay up to date on shows and keep ourselves entertained. After getting hooked on (and finishing) The Glades, I vowed to not start another series unless I knew it had an ending and didn't end with a cliffhanger. Anyone else get really annoyed when the stories just stop?
Feeling stupid after seeing Confetti Blondies on The Chew. Don't you hate when you have a "why didn't I think of that" moment? That was me when I saw Carla Hall's recipe. They are in my rolodex of sweets to try immediately.
via The Chew
Nodding right along with 5 Ridiculous Myths About Daycare Kids from Scary Mommy. Usually Scary Mommy is hit or miss with me, but this one was RIGHT on point. I swear I've been told "Daycare costs as much as you make" at least a dozen times, which of course is a gross overstatement and NONEYABIDDNESS.

What's going on with y'all? I also encourage fellow lazy bloggers to join Becky's link up. It's a great way to keep your online diary going!


  1. I love White Collar. I actually still have the last couple of episodes on my Tivo waiting for a time when hubby and I can watch together. I agree with you I hate when shows don't know they are ending and they end on a cliffhanger or something is unresolved. I mean I know its not always the shows fault but still it is so annoying.
    Stopping by from the linkup.

  2. The Glades ending so bummed me out. I just needed one more episode to see what happened. I'm making it a point of not watching shows that got canceled without an end too haha.

  3. Mmmmmm those bars look delicious!!!

    Thank you for joining my link up this week! I loved hearing what you are "currently" up to!


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