Monday, June 29


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Life has gotten way out of hand and I feel like I am drowning. It's a good drowning, but drowning all the same. Plus, I've nearly completely forgotten the Fourth of July, so we have no plans, yet.

I've yet to really put on my bathing suit which kinda makes me sad since it's nearly July, but our weekends have been just that jammed with other things. Plus, I never really realized how inconvenient it is not to have a neighborhood pool! Another thing about Montgomery that's weird to me: If you want to go to a pool you have to either join the Y, one of the country clubs, or put one in your backyard. Annoying.

Currently around the Johnson Anderson house, we are...

Enjoying the summer. Because nothing says summer fun quite like this picture, amiright?
Laughing at this post I saw float around Facebook last week: 10 Things Catholics Are Tired of Hearing, which is so incredibly accurate. Y'all, I'm so tired of misinformed folks telling me flat out stupid things about my faith. No, no, I'm not in fact in a cult that is comprised of non-Christians who pray to dead people and try to buy our way to Heaven. But please, tell me more about your snake handling Protestant ways. PLEASE. All the eyerolls.

Jumping for joy that I got to not only use my Grandmother's punch bowl Friday, but some of Mark's Grandmother's monogrammed silver as well. We welcomed Artur Davis, and his lovely wife Tara, into our home Friday for some conversations over cocktails about his vision for the future of our fair capital city. We're so excited to be a part of this campaign and look forward to the next two months. Does anyone know the proper way to wash 75 year old silver?
TRUTH. In light of everything that happened last week, I feel like my favorite meme, courtesy of one of my favorite people, is highly appropriate. Y'all means ALL.
Cheers to a great (short) week!
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  1. oh that is weird about the pools. I'm in NC and we have a neighborhood pool. Not all neighborhoods do but we specifically picked ours for the huge pool and clubhouse area. We still drive to it since I don't want to lug all our stuff but as my boys get bigger and can help we'll start walking.

    Stopping by from the linkup

  2. That picture of the boys in the pool is hilarious haha!

  3. How i wash Grandma's silver - fill the sink with warm, not too soapy (bubbles, but you can still see the bottom) water. Take a soft washcloth and wash off any food/residue, then rinse it very thoroughly. You can wash a few pieces at once, but make sure you take a soft cloth and dry them off before they dry spotty - or you will have a lot more polishing to do!

    Hope that helps :)
    p.s. your boys are so cute!! and growing WAY too fast!!

  4. Love the picture of the boys in the pool!! Love the faces too! haha
    Pig pic is hilarious!

    Thank you for joining my Currently Link Up this week! I love hearing what everyone is up to. Have a safe & happy 4th of July! XOXO Becky


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