Friday, December 2

The Beginning of Advent

Seems like everything in my life is busy. No other way to slice the bread on that one. JUST BUSY. I accepted my very first "big girl" job; I launched HCA (an e-zine I've been working on for months); I accepted an internship with a publishing house; I fell in love....see what I mean? BUSY. But Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. In light of everything that has happened over the last few months, and honestly, the last year has been hellacious, I've decided to do something a little different this year. Over the next 25 days I will do one nice thing for someone. Then each day I will write about it. Reflect on how this little experiment helps me see the good in the world. Because that's what this time of year is about seeing the good in the world.

This is my list of 25 things:
1. Pay for someone behind me in the drive thru
2. Let someone out in traffic, even when it's not convenient
3. Call my Grandmother each week of the month
4. Send out Christmas cards to all my loved ones
5. Mail packages for the loved ones I won't see this Holiday
6. Smile, at everyone
7. Keep the door open for someone coming in from the cold
8. Just be there for someone who needs me
9. Randomly watch my niece to give her Momma a break, as a surprise
10. Tip excellent service 25%
11. Give blood
12. Write thank you notes for my teachers this semester that have really taught me something
13. Let someone else go first
14. Pick up some litter
15. Make a new friend
16. Say the rosary each Sunday
17. Offer someone help
18. Help someone Christmas shopping
19. Offer someone a ride home
20. Try to be less judgmental
21. Do something nice for my mean neighbor Sarah Anne
22. Go an entire day without complaining
23. Bring something special for my Stepmother this year
24. Help Momma cook Christmas Eve dinner
25. Donate $5 to the Humane Society of West Alabama for everything that is not completed by Christmas day

Some are a little more ambiguous than others, but, for the most part, I know what I meant when I wrote them. Yesterday, I decided to start with going an entire day without complaining, which was very difficult. Not because I complain all the time, but because I have strep throat! I get whiney when I'm sick! (Who doesn't?!!?) It felt good to not be constantly reminding myself, and those around me how miserable I was. I'll consider this a job well done for Day 1. This Friday is still young, I cannot wait to see what opportunity for good I come across.

Tuesday, August 16

Prayer Request

The last few days have been a complete whirlwind. As my sweet family mourns the loss of Bella; Heaven gains a new angel. Kristen sent me this prayer and I thought it was worth sharing. Please keep Bella and her best friend Kristen in your thoughts over the next few days.

Bella Scarlett Johnson Watson

August 8, 2001-August 14, 2011

A Pet Owner’s Plea

Please, God, if You should hear a scratch on Heaven's Gate tonight,

A gentle whine, a muffled bark, have Peter take a light

And open up the Pearly Gates and call her sweet soul in,

For I think she lived in Heaven once; please take her back again.

She may have been a bit of mutt, without a pedigree,

Yet she was noble, kind and good; I think You will agree.

She’ll be very useful in Heaven where the souls of children play.

She'll romp with them, and see, Dear God, they do not go astray.

Please tell her that we're sorry that we cannot pat her head,

And whisper how we love her still although her spirit fled.

I pray that when death beckons, and my soul surmounts life's fog,

I'll be granted a place in Heaven, Dear God, beside our beloved dog.

~Author Unknown

Friday, July 15

Summer of Over-Scheduling

This summer has been nothing but a giant test of character. Living at home has taught me just how much I love (and hate) having my family always around. You could say that I bit off more than I could chew. I'm interning 15 hours a week, teaching around 15/20 hours a week and then squeezing in a social life.

For me a typical day looks like this:
3:15AM Wake-up/Shower
4:45AM Internship starts
10:15AM Internship ends
10:45AM Home for lunch/nap/errands
2:00PM Begin teaching
6:45PM Last of my kids are picked up/my room is cleaned
7:15PM Home for dinner/errands/free time/whatever time
10:15PM Lights out! Bed time!
Doesn't my typical day sound wonderful? (please imagine my rueful laugh here)

My crazy schedule has allowed me some awesome experiences, and some...not so awesome experiences.

Interning at a radio station for a morning show is not exactly what I thought. It was more, less and everything in between. I tried not to get TOO caught up in the drama the cast created with the interns....BUT it couldn't be avoided at times. You can listen to a sample of it here.

But thanks to the drama and this silly challenge I was about to talk to one of my favorite reality stars. You can listen to my 5 minutes of trying to actively not gush here.

I love my job but I sometimes get stuck into some bizarre situations/talking about some embarrassing things. For example, in this sample, I sound a little silly. But hey, it's true! On air, I'm me 100% and this job is putting me on the fast track for some thick skin.

What a summer this has turned out to be! I'll be trying to keep blogging since I once again fell off the wagon!

Wednesday, May 25

Jumping Back into the Swing of Things

Reading one of my sorority sister's blogs hit home for me. I haven't been posting on my blog in quite a while and not for any particular reason. I have been doing some great things that I find very inspiring. Yet, I haven't shared. Life has changed in a big way for me. Yet, I haven't shared. I guess, I feel like nothing is "share" worthy. I read many different blogs every few days and I love getting glimpses into others' lives. But I always feel like they are doing something great: planning a wedding, raising a family, navigating a job, something substantial. And me? Well, I have a dog that snores. I just always felt like I wasn't doing anything substantial. But I guess that's the point isn't it? Substance comes from the every day details.

This summer I am taking on an internship with a company and program I am proud to be a part of. As I work and live at home, I am going to push myself to keep this online journal afloat. This summer is going to be filled with challenges and joy. Hopefully I'll think it is "share" worthy.

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