Friday, July 15

Summer of Over-Scheduling

This summer has been nothing but a giant test of character. Living at home has taught me just how much I love (and hate) having my family always around. You could say that I bit off more than I could chew. I'm interning 15 hours a week, teaching around 15/20 hours a week and then squeezing in a social life.

For me a typical day looks like this:
3:15AM Wake-up/Shower
4:45AM Internship starts
10:15AM Internship ends
10:45AM Home for lunch/nap/errands
2:00PM Begin teaching
6:45PM Last of my kids are picked up/my room is cleaned
7:15PM Home for dinner/errands/free time/whatever time
10:15PM Lights out! Bed time!
Doesn't my typical day sound wonderful? (please imagine my rueful laugh here)

My crazy schedule has allowed me some awesome experiences, and some...not so awesome experiences.

Interning at a radio station for a morning show is not exactly what I thought. It was more, less and everything in between. I tried not to get TOO caught up in the drama the cast created with the interns....BUT it couldn't be avoided at times. You can listen to a sample of it here.

But thanks to the drama and this silly challenge I was about to talk to one of my favorite reality stars. You can listen to my 5 minutes of trying to actively not gush here.

I love my job but I sometimes get stuck into some bizarre situations/talking about some embarrassing things. For example, in this sample, I sound a little silly. But hey, it's true! On air, I'm me 100% and this job is putting me on the fast track for some thick skin.

What a summer this has turned out to be! I'll be trying to keep blogging since I once again fell off the wagon!

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