Wednesday, May 25

Jumping Back into the Swing of Things

Reading one of my sorority sister's blogs hit home for me. I haven't been posting on my blog in quite a while and not for any particular reason. I have been doing some great things that I find very inspiring. Yet, I haven't shared. Life has changed in a big way for me. Yet, I haven't shared. I guess, I feel like nothing is "share" worthy. I read many different blogs every few days and I love getting glimpses into others' lives. But I always feel like they are doing something great: planning a wedding, raising a family, navigating a job, something substantial. And me? Well, I have a dog that snores. I just always felt like I wasn't doing anything substantial. But I guess that's the point isn't it? Substance comes from the every day details.

This summer I am taking on an internship with a company and program I am proud to be a part of. As I work and live at home, I am going to push myself to keep this online journal afloat. This summer is going to be filled with challenges and joy. Hopefully I'll think it is "share" worthy.

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