Monday, October 14

The Hardhat Diaries: Bacterial Infection Edition

I've been a little MIA on the internets. Mainly because I've been off living the glam life of getting a terrible bacterial infection and then flying (literally) all around the world for work... More on Finland later, I SWEAR.

I spent nearly two weeks, both of which I was sick as a dog, up in North Carolina and New York in late September/early October. There were really no highlights to the trip. ZERO. (Unless you count getting tested for malaria at an Urgent Care facility in rural North Carolina...)

Except of course these two videos...

Bear in mind, I was battling strep throat (days like 8 & 9), had a 102 degree fever, it was raining, and it literally pained me to talk. Oh, and my hair? Yeas, let's not go there.

Sometimes I forgot how decidedly NOT glamorous my job is.

Wednesday, October 2

Road to 100

It's no secret that I love Pure Barre. When the Montgomery studio opened, on my birthday ironically enough, I was over the moon. Not only had I heard so many ladies rave about the workout, but as a former ballet dancer I knew it would be a perfect workout for me.
Original Image via Indie Film Lab
I haven't ever been an exerciser, in fact, during my lastmonths in Tuscaloosa, I actually committed to living a healthier lifestyle in an effort to become an exerciser. And I got there. I put running into my routine and it began to feel weird if I missed a session. Then I moved to Montgomery and some how got out of the rhythm.

Life happened: I became this fake grown-up person with a job and when I got home at night I was tired. I neglected things. Hell, I’m still neglecting things. (So sorry Ashley, you and Charlie still haven't gotten birthday presents. My bad blog, I just don't have anything "blogworthy" to say. No Momma, my house still hasn't been fully decorated.)

But lately, one of the few things I haven't neglected is Pure Barre. I've gotten sick; I've been out of town; I've been mentally not there, or too tired to go. But I keep trying to go. I have seen my body change a little, but mainly, I've felt myself get stronger: mentally and physically. I've gotten back to my days of high school-ballet-five-days-a-week flexibility. I feel a sense of community now with the ladies of the studio, that until February, I never felt in Montgomery.

Last night I found out that I've taken over 73 Pure Barre classes since I started/they opened. (I miscounted when I did it on my own…whoops. Math hasn't ever been my thing.) That's a lot when you think about the fact that I've probably been cumulatively out of town for two solid months during that time!!

It's my goal to hit the 100 tuck/class club by December 1st. I would like hit it by November 1st but I have two week long trips planned in October and I just won’t be around! I know I can do it. I know I will do it.

And I know once I do, I will have no shame in bragging about it!

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