Wednesday, October 2

Road to 100

It's no secret that I love Pure Barre. When the Montgomery studio opened, on my birthday ironically enough, I was over the moon. Not only had I heard so many ladies rave about the workout, but as a former ballet dancer I knew it would be a perfect workout for me.
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I haven't ever been an exerciser, in fact, during my lastmonths in Tuscaloosa, I actually committed to living a healthier lifestyle in an effort to become an exerciser. And I got there. I put running into my routine and it began to feel weird if I missed a session. Then I moved to Montgomery and some how got out of the rhythm.

Life happened: I became this fake grown-up person with a job and when I got home at night I was tired. I neglected things. Hell, I’m still neglecting things. (So sorry Ashley, you and Charlie still haven't gotten birthday presents. My bad blog, I just don't have anything "blogworthy" to say. No Momma, my house still hasn't been fully decorated.)

But lately, one of the few things I haven't neglected is Pure Barre. I've gotten sick; I've been out of town; I've been mentally not there, or too tired to go. But I keep trying to go. I have seen my body change a little, but mainly, I've felt myself get stronger: mentally and physically. I've gotten back to my days of high school-ballet-five-days-a-week flexibility. I feel a sense of community now with the ladies of the studio, that until February, I never felt in Montgomery.

Last night I found out that I've taken over 73 Pure Barre classes since I started/they opened. (I miscounted when I did it on my own…whoops. Math hasn't ever been my thing.) That's a lot when you think about the fact that I've probably been cumulatively out of town for two solid months during that time!!

It's my goal to hit the 100 tuck/class club by December 1st. I would like hit it by November 1st but I have two week long trips planned in October and I just won’t be around! I know I can do it. I know I will do it.

And I know once I do, I will have no shame in bragging about it!

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