Thursday, November 11

Picture Story

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Life is a giant roller coaster and clearly I went up and down and about six loop de loops in the last few months. I'm not really sure how I feel about the way my life has gone and I'm even more unsure if I want to put my thoughts on some digital paper. Instead of going into the whole story I've decided to do a picture story. In the English Major world, a picture story is short, choppy sentences with snapshot pictures that tell a more detailed story. So here's JJ's Ways from May to Now:

End of May: Journey to Fla to see Kristen's nesting extravaganza.

June: It's just me and Grace Kelly now, enjoying taking a few summer literature classes, making new friends and interning with a GREAT group of rising 10th graders.

July: Senior seminar with Dr. Phil Beidler changes my outlook a bit on the whole English Major thing in a good way; the Johnson-Watson family welcomes the CUTEST little guy I've ever seen!
August: Cue up Fall Senior Semester Take One, Momma's birthday and the excitement of new classes.

September: A new football season brings an anxious air to Tuscaloosa, last year's Titletown. Saturdays bring friends and family decked out in their crimson, white and houndstooth: Roll Tide Roll!

October: Really feeling the pressure of taking 12 hours of advanced English and teaching courses and trying to have fun. The Braves enter the playoffs during Bobby's last year. I was lucky enough to go to the last game, with spectacular seats. Go Bravos! Alabama decided not to have a true Autumn and I frequently run around town in shorts/skirts/dresses while friends up North wear sweaters!

November: So far so good. I am writing a novel as part of NaNoWriMo and enjoying the days get cooler. College football keeps Saturdays interesting and lots of text messages back and forth with my Dad.

Life has changed for the better in my small cluttered apartment and I am looking forward to being extra thankful this Thanksgiving for the hidden blessings I have been given these last few months.

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