Friday, March 8

Five Friday Favorites

I love a good phrase. I also love a good use of alliteration. Ergo, Five Friday Favorites.

For A Good Time, Call...
I saw this movie a few days ago and absolutely loved it. Redbox it ASAP. (pssst, you can use the code DVDONME and get it free!)

This past weekend was the Montgomery Home & Garden Show. My Momma came in town for a girls' weekend and we spent Saturday eating at my favorite restaurant, walking the show floor, listening to Ahmad Hassen (HGTV's Yard Crasher) and looking at potential houses for me and the girls to move into!

Another day, another dollar. Er, cover.

Someone got up on the bed. The same someone has also learned to start "cheesin'."

This guy. No caption needed.

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