Friday, September 6

The Hard Hat Diaries: Time to Spread My Wings

Coming off my week long "Loop" trip, I had 48 hours at home before heading to Atlanta and catching a plane for Flint, Mich. My quick one day stop over in Atlanta yielded some delicious home cooking I had desperately been craving, and as a bonus, a girl date as well. One of my best friends lived with my parents in August as she finished up an internship at the Georgia Aquarium (I KNOW HOW COOL!?!?!) so during my stop over, we were able to hang out for the first time in a long time. Too bad she wasn't as excited as I was.
I love you too, Little Shelby Fish Guts.
I flew out nice and early to Flint, my first work trip where I actually took a plane. This was huge for me. I still drove clear across the state of Michigan, and accidentally to Indiana once, but to actually fly to my destination and not drive was such a relief. Especially since it would have been a like bazillion hours in the car just to get to Michigan from Montgomery. Nevermind the added mileage to get to my interviews!
I don't go anywhere without my trusty atlas!
Just like when I am in points South, in Michigan I was story gathering. Though, I spent two days attending an equipment manufacturer's new equipment demonstration and anniversary celebration. (Say that three times fast.)
I met some interesting people, including hanging out with Bobby and Lori Goodson of Swamp Loggers, which is like hanging out with the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner of the logging world. Saw some pretty cool equipment, like this bad boy, and came to the realization that Michigan might be one of the most beautiful states I’ve been too...If only it wasn't so damn cold. I mean COME ON I was wearing a sweater. In August. And I still ended up with some cold/flu like nasty virus. Yuck.

I know your college football is subpar, but can your weather be better? Please? By midday Wednesday I had a pretty bad cold, and by my flight home Friday I was ready to crawl in bed and never leave. I will also never, ever, ever fly with a cold again. I was literally crying during take off and landing. I'm pretty sure it took days for my ears to recover.

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