Friday, July 5

Five on Friday

I intended to get back in the blogging saddle this week, if only for posterity’s sake, but then I had one of the worst sicknesses of my adult life. Now, to be fair I’ve only been an “adult” for a hot minute, but woof. For almost five straight days I was running a fever of about 100 to 101.

I didn’t blog like I should’ve because I could barely muster enough energy to breathe. My bad. But now I’m back to breathing and blogging.

Secret’s out: I read Mommy blogs. Okay, I read like three. And for the most part they are women I know (or my family knows) in real life. So when a few of them “link up” to The Good Life and the Five On Friday, I’ve always thought, “I need to do that! What a good way to list random thoughts for the week.” So here I am, joining in on the fun.
One: Happy Birthday America!
In a cruel twist of fate, I started feeling better Wednesday. Just time for a wet July 4th. A day off/holiday where I had no plans, did practically nothing and took a nap in the middle of the day. It was awesome and a little sad at the same time.  I wore blue tempos, a red Chicago Blackhawks tshirt and cleaned my kitchen. That’s American right?

Two: Welcome to the Real World
I bought a car last Friday. A car. A car! I own something worth real money. It’s a surreal feeling. It also needs gas, which I’m quickly learning, in an SUV ain’t cheap. After not driving for a few weeks, being able to drive, and actually owning the car!, is a glorious feeling. Somehow I have managed to not take a photo of said car. How very unmidtwentysomething of me. Whoops.

Three: Back to the Barre
With sickness, traveling, working at night and no real wheels to speak of, my Pure Barre attendance was slim to none for June. July shall change all of that. It’s back to the Barre for this seat. Lord do I need it. Though the thought of going back to three and four classes a week after basically being completely gone for a month has me terrified.

Four: Decorating (or Attempting to Decorate) My House
I love my house. It’s by no means a dream house, but for right now, for this point of life, it’s perfect. I’m by no means the interior genius, I mean designer, that others in my family are, cough Mrs. K. J. Williams cough, so I’m scouring Pinterest for ideas. Having a whole house to decorate and a limited budget has me pretty overwhelmed.

Five: Projects for the Weekend
One of my dearest friends is having a baby girl reallll soon. I keep stockpiling things Charlotte will one day receive from Aunt Jess, but I never get around to sending them. I also have my little sis’ wedding gift I never sent. I’m making it a point to head to the post office this weekend. I’m also planning on attempting to make a wreath for my front door and spray paint my front porch chairs. I think I’ve bit off more than I can chew at this point. Story of my life.

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  1. I spent the 4th watching The Vampire Diaries. It really doesn't get any more pathetic than that. :)


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