Monday, February 29

Life Lately

Life lately has been a touch busy around the Johnson Anderson house. It feels like warp speed, actually; I blinked and about ten days went up into thin air. Part of that had to do with a whirlwind trip to Memphis, and the beautiful Peabody Hotel, for a work conference.

Of course, one cannot go to Memphis, the birthplace (and current location) of one's best friend and not find themselves into a little bit of trouble.
Obviously, an up to 3 a.m. jaunt around Beale Street, with a Silky's bucket in tow, made for a super fun Monday morning of conference! Obviously. 
 Then it was a pop down to Atlanta for The Rental Show, a few glad handing opportunities and lots of smiling. I didn't hate the chance to hang with my momma, eat some Willy's Mexicana and get a mani-pedi in peace. Never one to not over-extend myself, I woke up at 6 a.m. to take my first Pure Barre Platform class at the studio around the corner from my parents, and holy hell, I've been sore for three days.
As a member of a social society for women, I had our annual meeting Thursday night, enjoyed a fun time with friends, and came home to my handsome husband with my favorite sushi and two sleeping angels—until about 1 a.m. when Alex woke up to a stomach bug covered in vomit and just generally feeling crappy.

The weekend was dominated by said stomach bug when Fitzy started projectiling Saturday. By Sunday afternoon all was well and we all enjoyed a quiet afternoon catching up on some reading. Kids are so resilient.

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