Sunday, April 4

Bucket List

I FINALLY FINISHED! I feel such a great sense of accomplishment for creating this list. I am still working on the 101 in 1001 list but knowing I have put the bucket list out in the world makes me want to work on the other one a little harder. So here is what I came up with as the big dreams in my little life. I wonder what others think about it and what other peoples' dreams are...hmmm.

Meet a genuine celebrity

Win a contest/sweepstakes

Visit all 50 states--upon visiting each state put a pin in a map of the US

Visit Australia, South America, Asia, North America, Europe, Central America, and Africa--upon visiting each place put a pin in a map of the world

Buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutions

Cultivate a vegetable garden and keep it alive for a year!

Buy a car because I want a new one, not because I totaled one

Own my own home by age 30

Actually help another person

Adopt a piglet

Learn to drive a stick shift

Receive a post graduate degree

Adopt a shelter dog as often as I can

Take part in an electoral campaign

Grow enough sunflowers one summer that I can give some to others!

Keep a list of all the books (serious and fun) I have ever read

Plant a tree and watch it grow!

Go to the Final Four games for March Maddness

Take my Daddy to the MAC football Championship

Bring my child to watch Alabama win another football national championship

Do yoga on the beach in Bali

Take a cruise through the Mediterranean

Take my Momma and Mark to the US Open in New York, the French Open in Paris, Wimbledon in London and the Austrian Open in Sydney (not all in the same year)

Do something out of my comfort zone

Fire William's pistol, just once in a shooting range

As I grow and as I change, update this list with new adventures and new challenges

It feels really fitting I put this up on Easter Sunday. Easter marks the beginning of Spring and the coming of Summer. Easter means new life and a world filled with love. I hope everyone feels the same calm that I felt during Holy Week, especially Holy Thursday. Hoppy Easter!

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