Tuesday, March 30

Still alive...barely.

So I'm still alive. But barely. Not only am I drowning in school work (being an English major is a lot of reading and writing--I didn't see that one coming!!) work work, bow making, cleaning/laundry/upkeep of my home, and clinical experiences in the high schools....BUT I hurt myself. And when I say hurt myself I mean, seriously injured myself. I have what the doctor ESTIMATES is a slipped disc in my lower back. What it really means is for the last 10 days I have not been able to stand, sit or lay down for any amount of time. I'm pumping myself full of all sorts of chemcial wonders to get through the day but they make me sleepy and I just have no energy. The downer about my back is they have no idea when it will be getting better. Two to three weeks it should heal itself with the aide of painkillers, anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer. Yippee!

With my back, I have had zero time to do most things. Like blog about my super wonderful and relaxing Spring Break with William to Watercolor, FL. We did not really get any pictures(read: we took one picture of William and one of his best friends Lane). We did however, have fun. Saint Patrick's Day was the day we got wild. Green beer is SO fun. Especially when you're 21! We spent most of our time either in Watercolor or Seaside and really enjoyed running into one of my pledge sisters and her mother in Seaside! I wish I had more to say, but the vacation was really just quiet (with the exception of St Pattys when I got a little TOO drunk) and beachy--my two favorite things. I do recommend both Seaside and Watercolor as amazing beaches in Florida, with Destin about 30 minutes away, the areas are the perfect blend of quiet and fun.

So with all that: I'm BACK! Hopefully, I will have time to finish something I'm very excited to have started. By laying on the floor most of the day I spend a lot of time procrastinating on my homework and working on a bucket list. I've seen a ton of them on blogs, and I have to say my favorite is my sweet friend Paige's. By composing my bucket list I really have seen my fears (I'll NEVER skydive!!) and how truly blessed my life has been thus far (there aren't many places in Europe I haven't been to!). I'm also working on a 101 in 1001 list, but that seems a little more difficult. Basically a condensed bucket list, the 101 in 1001 list is REALLY giving me trouble! I promise it won't be two weeks until y'all hear from me again!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! And of course I hope as Holy Week begins, may we each have a blessed rest of the week!

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