Tuesday, January 29

The Hardhat Diaries: Watching TV in Spanish...in Louisiana.

Each time I go out into the woods I find myself in interesting situations. I think that might just be the nature of my existence. Growing up, I was a bit of a Murphy's Law type kid. If it could go wrong, it would.  As an adult, I've shaken that to an extent (…though not really at all. who am I kidding?) But out on the road, no matter how many times I look at a map, consult the atlas or listen to my GPS, I get lost. I rationalized that in 2503 miles (the final total of this last story gathering trip) a wrong turn every now and then isn't the worst thing in the world. 

It does always make me feel a little stupid. Especially when it makes me late. AND I AM ALWAYS LATE. But at the end of the day the loggers are always ready and willing to help me find them. I think that is one of the reasons I love this business I fell into so much. One of the reasons I find myself pushing my own limits, because these guys are good guys. They are helpful. Smart. Caring. Hardworking. I'm lucky to go on these adventures and meet them, have them show me a little about themselves, how they work and what their lives are like. It's an eye opening experience and I am lucky to have it. Even if it means eating Sonic for five meals in a row, no lie, or having to watch one of my favorite television shows in Spanish because I couldn't find the English channel. 

Yes, you read that correctly, I watched The Bachelor this past week in Spanish. In Winnfield, Louisiana. No I don't understand why I couldn't find the English version of ABC. No, I didn't really put that much effort into finding the English version of ABC. Yes, it did in fact make that complete buffonary of that television show better. No, I didn't understand a lick of what they were saying. But just as well, I was never really sold on Sean as a Bachelor and even in Spanish all those girls seemed BACHSHITCRAY.

As the fire of industry burns...Al Gore gets pissed.
Life could be worse, and lord knows I bitch my friends' ears off about my job/life/Montgomery, but really. I do what I love. What's so bad about that? How freakin' cool is it that I am around all this big equipment that literally helps make thousands of items we use every day?

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