Friday, June 13

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
It's been one of those long weeks. You know the ones that seem to drag on, and on, and on. But, as always, I still found some time to do some all mighty Internet surfin'.

Here's what I've been favoriting this week:

OneThe article from Total Sorority Move: Why Our Entire Generation Needs An Ass Kicking, Pronto. I'm not usually a TSM reader, I (luckily?) grew out of that phase of my life, but this really was well said.

For example, "Why does our generation need a wake up call? Because most young people in America are selfish, lazy, and think Jimmy Johns should deliver sandwiches directly into their mouths. (Actually wait, that's a great idea). Most young Americans think they can ride the coattails of previous, hardworking generation." I mean can I get an amen here? Spend five minutes and read the post, I swear you'll be nodding right along.

Two Umm, this. No caption needed. (Available for sale here.)
Three— Along the same lines as above, this is a no caption needed as well.
Four—I'm still obsessed with our wedding photos. Which, our photographer just got to me a few days ago, so it's totally okay to obsess right?

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