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The 80 Thoughts You Have During Pure Barre, Pregnant

Recently, I came across this post about the 100 thoughts you have during Pure Barre class and basically laughed my seat off/nodded right along. I mean it pretty much describes every class to a T. From rookie to veteran, some version of most of those thoughts runs through your head during the hour-long workout. I mean we all do KIND OF look like we're having sex during back dancing. 

However, lately, I've noticed that my thoughts have changed slightly. I'm WAY more desperate to think, "okay, I can do this." than before. So, while some of the 100 thoughts still apply, I thought I'd update the list a little.

The 80 Thoughts that Run Through Your Head at Pure Barre When You're in Your Third Trimester
(I really need a shorter title.)
I mean, the socks are basically perfect.
  1. Okay, the thermostat is set at 76 today. You can totally survive that without fainting.
  2. One day I’ll get my old body back, and then I'll finally buy some Lululemon. 
  3. Why does every woman in here but me have on Lululemon?
  4. I really wish I hadn't had that milkshake at lunch. 
  5. Pay attention fool, you're kneeing yourself in the belly. 
  6. Rock back on your tailbone? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
  7. First set of curls. You got this. You've still got abs. Somewhere.
  8. Remember to drink water. 
  9. You're about to give birth, you can plank for ninety seconds.
  10.  …okay maybe you can't plank for ninety seconds.
  11.  No, you can. Hang on to it. Fifteen seconds. 
  12. It's totally okay to cry during side arm plank right? 
  13. Why is the "wrap and reach" giving me vertigo? 
  14. Oh goodie, F’ing push-ups. 
  15. Drink some more water you're redder than a tomato. 
  16. More push-ups. Yay.
  17. You did like 90% of the push-ups the instructor called out. 
  18. You're basically indescribably awesome little momma. 
  19. Shit. Tricep dips. 
  20. Do I look this whale-like when I'm sitting at work? 
  21. My feet are looking nice and balloon-like today. 
  22. I really want a shortbread cookie. 
  23. My arms are so strong! 
  24. Why don't my arms look like this at home? 
  25. These two lb. weights are heavy. 
  26. If I can't lift four total pounds, how am I going to lift a baby? 
  27. Yes! I got called out for good form. 
  28. Wait, was it good form or hang in there? 
  29. Either way, I’ll take it. 
  31. I totally shouldn't have had that milkshake at lunch.
  32. First thigh, it’s a marathon not a sprint. 
  33. Think about how small an inch is. 
  34. Don't punk out of this first one. 
  35. Don't punk out of this first one. 
  36. It's almost final ten. 
  38. Why do people stare when I slide into a spilt? 
  39. Left side, you're about to be my bitch. 
  40. …maybe not. 
  41. Seat work. I can do this. 
  43. I am so having a cookie after dinner. 
  44. Pretzel. This is going to be fun.
  45. Who is breathing so loud? 
  46. Crap, I think that's me. 
  47. Left side! Strong Side! 
  48. …that’s from a movie, I think. But which one? 
  49. Remember the Titans! That's the movie!
  50. Abs against the wall, aka, folding your giant boobs into your giant belly.
  51. It feels so good to stretch my legs.
  52. I should be tucking harder but this stretch is really lovely. 
  53. Shit, fast abs. Don't do diamond. Don't do diamond. 
  54. Of course, freaking diamond. 
  55. Mmmm, back stretch! 
  56. Center of the room, almost to the door! 
  57. C curve with a giant belly looks really odd. 
  58. I look like a teeter totter. 
  59. Strong arms up; you can do this! 
  60. Time to rock some upper body curls. 
  61. YES! I still have strong abs in there. 
  62. Lower body curls. RIIIIGHT. 
  63. I wonder if the lower body curls tickle the baby's head? 
  64. It feels so awesome to arch my back.
  65. I hate this arm/leg stretch preggo modification. 
  66. I might topple over. 
  67. Was I supposed to do 12 or 15 on each side? 
  68. Everyone looks like they are having sex. 
  69. I wonder if I look like this having sex? 
  70. {stifled giggles; dirty thought about husband.} 
  71. These songs always make me miss college and cheap kamikaze shots.
  72. I don't remember this making the side of my seat burn so much. 
  74. I love the stretching. 
  75. I really love the stretching.
  76. Rock up? More like wiggle and look sort of like a fish out of water. 
  77. My whole body feels awesome. 
  78. I think I just meowed when the instructor stretched me. 
  79. I feel amazing. 
  80. Ah, yes, this feeling. This is why I come every day. 
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  1. This is so funny! I admire you for continuing to workout while pregnant. You will reap great benefits from though for sure!


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