Wednesday, November 12

One Month

A little late, but what matters is that it's here!

On November 7th, Fitz and Alex turned one month! It's incredibly hard to believe it's been over thirty days since y'all came into the world. It feels so natural to have y'all in the house. It seems like you've been around forever. I can barely remember what life was like before. I mean I can, but I feel like it was a different kind of fun.
In your first month you've celebrated Halloween and by default, learned how embarrassing your Momma truly is.
You also began the complex relationship of boys and their dogs.
Fitz, you constantly are warbling away at your brother in the crib and I'm convinced you're already starting to tell secrets. You, my future little H-back, are weighing in at a solid seven pounds, seven ounces, which is one pound and two ounces more than your birth-weight. You're a tall little dude at 21 inches. Because of your constant noise, I've started calling you Fuss Budget, or simply Budget. Sorry 'bout that one kid.

Alex, you're my little fighter. You've had some tummy troubles which resulted in you dropping some weight and the nickname “Shrimpy” by some. Though you've found your groove and now tip the scales at six pounds five ounces, a pound and an ounce more than your birth-weight. Almost as tall as your brother, you're 20 and a half inches long. You're built like me and I have a feeling you'll be a long, lean one. I call you Squeaks, as you are constantly squeaking when you're upset. Squeaks is better than Shrimpy, right?

I can't wait to see what the next month holds. Hopefully we will all three get better at taking photos.

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