Friday, November 21

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
When I was home I spent a lot of time watching television, staring blankly at books and falling asleep with my eyes open. Now that I've been back at work for about five whole minutes, I mean days, I find myself trolling the internet and laughing at stupid things people put on Facebook, like the video of Kevin Hart telling Jameis Winston to "stop doing dumb shit." Also known as procrastinating.

Here's what I've been favoriting this week:

ONE— The Cinderella trailer is out and it is everything.

TWO—Wednesday I got a peek at F&A's newborn photo shoot. Holy shit, I made some really adorable people. 

THREE— Everything about this article on Scary Mommy: 12 Things I Thought About Babies...Before I Had One but especially, "Maternity Leave will be a nice break from work." I remember thinking about all the things I was going to do on maternity leave and how much I was going to love getting things done. HA!  It was a miracle to get dinner made most days. And then there was that one time I had to remind myself to go outside because I hadn't gone outside in four days. 

FOUR— Baskin Robbins, like many places, celebrated Veteran's Day with a special nod to the military. was odd but also didn't stop me from devouring the ice cream. Food coloring comes in brown?

FIVEI mean, really. 

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