Tuesday, December 2

Thanksgiving 2014

Before I get this started I should say one thing: I absolutely hate Thanksgiving. Between the food, I'm really not a fan of most casseroles or root vegetables, and the general do nothing but eat all day thing, it's never been my holiday.

Since I can let Mark talk me into pretty much anything, this year we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house and then headed to Atlanta to watch the Iron Bowl and visit with family. I might hate the food and the whole idea of Thanksgiving; I loved spending time with my family.

For Thursday night, it was a very Chew dinner. Everything except dessert was one of their recipes. I think the turkey turned out "okay," Mark said the dressing was incredible and the mac and cheese I've made a zillion times and is always a hit. Dessert was pronounced the best thing I've ever made. I am going to call this whole adventure a win. Though apparently it is damn near impossible to get a good picture of my children together.

Friday was low key with the drive and spending time with my Momma and Papa. Momma and I scooted out and, of course, did a little shopping while all the boys bonded.

Saturday was the big game and well, we all know how it ended. Watching the Iron Bowl with the biggest Alabama fan I know, my Daddy, is one of my favorite traditions of the Fall. I couldn't picture a more perfect day with all the people I love. Having all the cousins together for the first time was really fun!

I can't wait until F&A are a little older and they can all say "ROLL TIDE!"
Apparently Johnson kids never wear shoes! Melt my heart all these babies together.

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