Wednesday, January 7

Three Months

So, we're going to all pretend like I did the boys two month update already and this ON TIME three month update is just falling right in line.

How is it already January 7th?! It's already been three months to the day with y'all. I'm amazed everyday by what you can do and what I have learned to do. You are both starting to change in ways I never thought I would notice. For example, Fitzy you now love to stare at the squish balls on top of your MamaRoo, and I learned that I can in fact hold your bottles and sleep at the same time. Amazing, right?
I still struggle with taking y'all's picture though.

It's been a big few months for us all. We survived Alex's surgery, Christmas, Momma getting the stomach flu and transitioning from an at-home nanny to going to "school." You both have amazed me in how you've handled everything. I'm so proud of you!!
Alex is not easily amused with getting his picture taken.

You've both started to smile when you hear my voice, your Dad's voice or see either of us. The first time I saw you both smile at me I nearly melted into a puddle. It was the cutest thing.

Fitzy, you are still my little Fuss Budget. You love to make as much noise as possible and get realll upset if you think you're missing out on something. I hate hate HATE to admit, but you might have picked this up from me, because I love to just sit with you, your Dad and your brother. You definitely picked it up from your Dad, he has FOMO (fear of missing out) like no one's business. At your two month check up, two weeks late, you weighed in at 10 lbs. 1.9 oz, you're certainly built like your Dad. You're long as well, 23 inches! You’re firmly in size 1 diapers and 0-3/3M clothes. We've recently made the switch and I hate to part with all your newborn stuff!
Sadly, I see this face a lot...
Alex, you my dear have taught me so, so many things in your three little months of life. That's a nice way of saying, damn if you haven't put me through hell kid. I guess that's just practice for when you're learning to drive and play full contact sports and date and go to college and well, be a teenage boy. You're still Squeaks every now and then, but after your surgery you've mellowed. I think you were squeaky because you didn't feel good. You're still our little Shrimpy, though you are quickly catching up. Papa Mark says it'll be no time before you are taking on Fitzy and winning!! You're long and lean, just like me: 22 inches long and 8 lbs. 10.6 oz. In an effort to make Momma's life easier, We switched you out of NB clothes and diapers when it was time to switch your brother. The 0-3/3M clothes are a little big on you, but the length is perfect. The diapers are big-ish but you've got no, and I mean NO, problem showing of your fancy new intestines and filling them up!
Buddy, you have to get better about letting me take your picture!
You are both great eaters and great sleepers. You tease us every now and then with 12 hours of sleep. We were on a three day in a row streak that Fitzgerald broke this morning with a 5am wakeup…You both vaguely like your nighttime bath, hate getting lotioned up, and have lately not particularly cared for being swaddled. The MamaRoos are still the most beloved item in our house, besides our precious doggies.
I can't wait to see what happens over the next month.

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