Tuesday, September 8

Nine, Ten, Eleven Months

I thought about going back and postdating your ninth and tenth month updates this morning before penning your eleventh month one, if only so looking back on this I could fool myself and think I had our lives a semblance of put together, but I decided against it.

Here's the deal babies: I love you so much; you're quickly becoming people though. You are eating table food and you don't take naps like newborns. Hell, you barely take naps like babies. You only get two bottles a day. You're on the road to becoming kids.

And we're busy. Not just because you're little people that keep me on my toes every single Saturday—but I've stayed committed to Junior League and Pure Barre and I joined a tennis team. And sometimes I just have too much fun playing with you to remember to write down what you weigh. I know, this makes me sound like a bad mom, but it's the truth. I love you so much, and you amaze me every day. But in the process of becoming your mother, I didn't lose myself.

So I'm just busy. I promise I won't disappoint you on the big stuff, because reading your mother's blog posts from when you were infants won't disappoint you, right?, but if I want to let this online journal slip a bit, it's no biggie.

I'm going to do an abbreviated update on these three months of your life. Really, the big one comes in a few short weeks, I already have a lot of emotions surrounding it.

At NINE MONTHS, we started weaning y'all off the bottle. It's been touch and go. Alex really took to it at first; but like always where one of you is, the other isn't far off. Fitz has found his groove and loves his milk. At your doctor's appointment, Fitzy was weighing in at 17 lbs. 14 oz. and Alex was a solid 16 lbs. 8 oz. Alex was shorter by only a half inch.

At TEN MONTHS, you turned our entire world upside down and started crawling. I baby proofed the house, or I thought I baby proofed the house. You've quickly shown me that really, it's y'all's world, I just provide the food.

At ELEVEN MONTHS, I can tell you both want to walk so bad. In fact, you both take wobbly steps every now and then, but as far as full on walking, we've got a ways to go. We've moved y'all to the big bathtub and that has become a full on disaster. It's starting to get better, but we're nowhere near it not being a full contact sport.
You've been on an airplane, you've visited your grandparents, you've eat macaroni and cheese and you've shown that you are, in fact, my children and took to ice cream and made me proud. You've both got a mess of curly hair and enjoy waking up at 5:45am every morning to watch the news.

Next month is "the big one" and I don't know if I am even remotely ready for it. You've changed our lives so much, but in a big way, it feels like you were just what had been missing.


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