Monday, September 14

Lust List: September

Lust List September

I have a small confession. I'm not a huge online shopper. I guess it's the countless hours I spent in high school, college and even after graduation, working in retail stores—but I just prefer to browse the racks, be able to touch merchandise before I buy it.

But there is something really convenient about shopping from my couch while I'm watching Criminal Minds at the end of the day. While I usually try to restrain myself, I've got my eye on a really big way to spend New Year's Eve this year, I can't help but want these to show up at my doorstep. Maybe my sweet husband will get the hint?

After visiting my GMa in late July, I've started seeing ladybugs everywhere. They were her absolute favorite, and I always seem to spot them at just the right time… this watch from Kate Spade brought a huge smile to my face.

With my barre addiction, this LLL seems like a no brainer—it's on sale too.

After a trip to IKEA over Labor Day, I'm convinced I want this secretary for my dining room. I've been looking for a secretary for about two years, and have yet to pull the trigger. This might be the push I need.

I've gotten back into tennis, and it's getting really annoying having to wash every few days so I have a clean skirt to wear to matches or practice. This dress would be perfect for Wednesdays when I have matches. It's got a built in bra and a built in ball pocket. One piece covers everything I need. That justifies the price tag, obviously.

The weather is starting to cool down, and I loved dressing the boys in tiny bro outfits like this last winter. I'm excited that it is almost petite flannel and baby jeans time!

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