Monday, November 9


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Currently around the Johnson Anderson house we are...

Tired. I feel like every single Sunday and Monday all I feel is tired. Like deep in the bone tired. And I have no one to blame but myself.

Rolling with the Tide! At the very last minute Mark and I were able to get tickets to see Alabama play LSU in Tuscaloosa. It was one of those spur of the moment things that fell together perfectly. We rode a chartered RV from Montgomery to the game and home, eliminating the need to find a place to stay or worry about the late drive. We made it just in time for chicken wings at my old sorority house!

This was actually the first time Mark and I were in Bryant-Denny together and I loved it.
Probably helped that the Tide absolutely destroyed LSU. I am so fired up for the rest of the season and the CFP. 
While Mark and I enjoyed the glory days, I forgot how absolutely putrid fraternity houses smell on rainy game days, Fitz and Alex enjoyed a weekend at their grandparents! It was nice to have a break, since most nights I feel like the "blood splattered" Halloween cupcakes we ate after dinner all last week—just completely destroyed.
This week proves to be nothing but crazy cold and then crazy hot—seriously enough with the 54° one day and 77° the next, but I don't even care. I'll just be watching this over and over and over again.
Yes that's a 312 lb. dude casually jumping over a person to block a kick. ROLL TIDE!


  1. How exciting to go see that game!!!!!!!!
    Your little man is soooo cute!!
    Thank you so much for joining my Currently link party last week! I love hearing what you are up to! Have a great week!

  2. What a game. Stay longer next time.


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