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On detox. We did not a whole lot for Thanksgiving, and it was great! Four days at home with only a few things on the agenda was great! I got the house cleaned, made enough lasagna to choke a horse and enjoyed my Black Friday shopping with my momma. I think this was our best Thanksgiving ever! Fitz & Alex are now at the stage where it is impossible to get their picture looking at the camera, smiling and sitting still. What a pair of turkeys we have!

Celebrating the big Iron Bowl victory! If you pay any attention around this slice of the internet, you'll know how big of Alabama fans we are; so winning the Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. arch-in-state-rival Auburn) was the icing on this incredible season's cake. We are also thrilled for Derrick Henry who hopefully secured a second Heisman Trophy for the University! Roll tide! On to Atlanta...
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Avoiding Cyber Monday. I know I am alone in this, but I am not a big online shopper. I much prefer to be able to touch the things I'm buying BEFORE I pay for them. I can't be alone in that, right? I will say that the thredup sale did get me—20FORYOU saves you 20% on your entire order. I grabbed a few super cute Alo tops and some button downs for F&A.
First day back from a four day holiday, a Monday and my magazine in production—this seems very fitting for today.
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  1. I like a combination of instore and online. I like to buy clothes in person but I don't mind ordering toys online. I love shopping at kohls but I swear most of my online orders are toys and things that like. I go to the store for my clothes.


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