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Finally recovered? I kept saying the flu and pneumonia and walking pneumonia and all the nastiness was finally out of our house last week. And that was a lie. I still felt terrible and had more than a few "struggle" days. Every time I said I was fine, I made it worse and relapsed. So I'm not saying I'm fine, I'm saying I'm officially done being sick. Don't have time for this ish.

In love with this Redbox find from Saturday night. It's a great quick movie that didn't get rave reviews online, but that I am so glad we rented. In my opinion, a few of the plot lines could have been a little more developed, but overall, I thought it had a very clear story with some good acting.

Stressing about what to bring as a "chip and dip" for the twins' Easter party. By the time I got around to looking at the sign up sheet for the twins' party pickins were slim. Ergo, we're bringing chips and dip (????) Thinking I'm either going to make some sort of ranch dip and make veggie "chips" or this Pinterest find that isn't really a chip and dip but more of a fruit dip. Anyone have any suggestions?
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We're heading to Callaway Gardens Friday for a little Easter fun with my parents, so this is my mood all week—including during a quick trip to south Georgia for story gathering—just. keep. swimming.
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