Friday, March 11

Friday Favorites

For the last ten days, survival has been the key to my days. First, Fitzy just wasn't feeling his best. Then he started having a fever and coughing. Then Alex slept one day for almost 18 hours. He too had a fever. By day four, I was sleeping 18+ hours a day: The flu hit the Anderson house like a ton of bricks. I'm still trying to dig us out of the mess.
The last two weeks have been anything but normal, I've been back at work for three days and have no idea which way is up. It's funny how much the world doesn't stop turning when you do. Life is humbling like that isn't it? I saw a meme on Facebook the other day that I thought described it perfectly: Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

I'm celebrating the end of this week, and the sickness, with some Friday Favorites.
Friday Favorites
I've kinda fallen off the Pinterest bandwagon, mainly because it overwhelms me—I always feel like I don't "do" enough, after I browse it. I mean, where the hell do these other mothers find time to make three meals a day from scratch plus craft, and refresh their towels and read five books a month and read the entire Bible and write in their Erin Condren planners? My Erin Condren planner is scribbled with all kinds of things, and half the time I'm still late to meetings. HOWEVER, I needed a recipe for something I thought I pinned long, long ago, and stumbled across this illustration. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I'm not a huge #lillylover, but this illustration is my new motivation for summer.
Lilly Pulitzer Print Studio via Pinterest

My other Friday Favorite is an excerpt from a reader-contributor email I received today. Usually, when people take the time to email me they do not have a single nice thing to say. Imagine my surprise when this popped up! Thanks Sam in Indiana, I think you're pretty awesome too!

"I actually thought of you during the sales training!  We were learning about the four main personality types, and one of them was called an 'influencer.'  We were told that one of the first things we'll notice about an influencer when we meet them is that they tend to have a big grin from ear to ear.  The times that I've seen you at the EXPO in Louisville and your picture in the magazine came immediately to mind.  You carry the biggest smile I think I've ever seen!"

I love this picture of Alex from this past Tuesday. He was starting to feel better and instead of reading just one book, he decided to read all the books. Stumbling into these moments is my far my favorite part of being a mother. Not pictured my ashen face covered in the sheen of a 102° fever with the glaze of Tamiflu in my eyes. 

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