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Recovering from a busy, busy, busy weekend. This weekend was seriously insane. I had a baby shower; my step daughter had a state qualifying track meet (she got a wild card spot for state!!); the twins had a zoo playdate; and Mark and I went to a black tie gala for the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald museum—and that was just Saturday.
Sunday was a little more low-key, we only went to two festivals in two different neighborhood parks. I love that our neighborhood organizes fun afternoons in the spring. Plus, I don't ever have to worry my kid might starve while I have the Sunday Scaries...

Working in my container gardens like a fiend. I saw this on a walk two weeks ago, and I’ve been using it to encourage my own container efforts. So far nothing has died, but we are going out of town this weekend so my confidence is in the toilet. I just love how my neighbor used plants I wouldn’t think to put together to make such a vibrant color display. It is bold without being too cutesy. I have a tendency to go cutesy—I love daisies, zinnia, salvia and foxglove. Gimme all the pink, orange, purple and yellow flowers possible.

Gearing up for another fun trip to Maine in late May. I keep having visions of my last trip to the most northern point of the continental U.S. and am hoping to not lose my suitcase this time. Or the requirement of a full length mink coat.

Cheers to a great week!
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