Friday, May 3

Fulfilling My Civic Duty...

So I might have jury duty? While I was out of town, I received a survey from the US District Court as a prescreening after being randomly selected to possibly serve on a jury.
"Prospective" who are we kidding? Might as well as Juror #6.
I have the worst luck in the history of the world. This type of stuff, when it happens to me, usually results in a worse case scenario coming to life.

"Randomly selected to possibly serve" might as well be my summons. And while most I've talked to about this either laugh at me uncontrollably (thanks Momma), tell me to just stick to an extreme and not wavier (thanks Corey) or wax poetic about civic responsibility (thanks Papa); I know I will be on some Criminal Minds-esque gruesome case that leaves me horrified for weeks. Because that’s just how my life rolls.


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  1. Oh NO! I dread the day this happens to me. Maybe just pull out random pieces of fruit from your bag (I think a guy on Sex and the City did that) or start talking about how you're excited to relate the case to your favorite episode of Star Trek!

    And also, thanks so much for following my blog! As for the bracelet - I wore it all day today, it seems to be pretty sturdy. This was the first thing I've bought from Etsy so I was worried too, but my friend has had her bracelet for a year and she wears it every day! It seems as strong as any other jewelry. The only thing is it's REALLY hard to do up! The clasp is in a weird place. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong. But its big enough to slide over your hand if you do find it difficult.

    /end the longest comment ever


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