Thursday, February 26

Four Months

You're nearly five months now boys, but a lot has happened in January and February, and we didn't go to the doctor until last week, so I feel like throwing this up late will be okay, because #mommaworks.

Four months seems to have just flown by! We battled some sleep regression and lately little Al Pal has decided he doesn't want to sleep at night, like at all, so that's been fun. Normally, you're great sleepers and go down around 8pm and wake up between 6:30 and 7am.

Momma celebrated her birthday and like the angels we know you to be (most of the time) you both slept through the night that night. Thanks kids!

It is still the dead of winter, and you've each contracted nearly every disease in the book: RSV, ear infections and the flu. That crap SUCKS!

You've both started on solid foods (well sorta) and it's been a slow process for us all. Y'all are as stubborn as mules, or much like your mother according to your father, but I will be damned if I don't get you eating the mushy foods before too long. Less dollas toward the formula bill!

Fitzy, you're still the ultimate Fuss Budget and I love you for it. You were the first to roll over, and while I'm not 100% sure you rolled over by your own power and not because you fell over…but that's not important. You're mobile! At your check up you weighed in at 13 lbs. 4 oz., my darling chunkier baby. Built like your dad, you're a long guy as well, at 25 and a half inches. You're firmly in the 3M clothes and about ready for the size 2 diaper.
Fitzy, you're not one to ever miss a meal.
Alex, you weighed in at almost 12 lbs. (11 lbs. 13.8 oz.), and you've almost got a set of squishy biscuit knees. We've worked hard for every ounce on you kid, and to see you finally gaining, well, it’s my greatest accomplishment as your mother. You take your bottle like a champ and you're definitely the better cereal eater. You go Glen Coco! You're still built like me, long and lean, measuring 24 inches. 3M clothes are still a tad big on you, but they baggy style suits your not laid back personality. You're the first to show the tell tale signs of teething, but you don't have any tooth ridges yet.
Door jumper is still a little too advanced for you Alex.

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