Friday, February 27

Friday Favorites

I'm going to make an effort to blog more, I'm going to make an effort to blog more, I'm going...oh hell. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I always fall victim to ten thousand things on the to do list and everything gets done, ten things on the to do list and nothing gets done. Guess that's why I've culled my internet favorites/current happenings around here this week.
Friday Favorites
The incredibly talented brains behind every graphic element in my life the last year has been designed by my uber talented friend Shelby. Most recently she designed the boys' Valentines and I couldn't be happier. Good news, she's got a blog now! Make sure you add her to your readers. And reach out to her if you need some design services. She's seriously the best.
I think I need this in my life. Instead of wine, I would prefer it said champagne though, ohhkayyyy?
Mark and I started watching Sons of Anarchy a few weeks ago and are almost done with the series. It's been bloody at times, but surprisingly really good. Also, Jax Teller is a very attractive outlaw. Anyone else have a secret crush on someone totally not your type? I'm normally all about the clean cut overgrown prep school Southerner, but goodness me.
I gave up sweets for Lent again this year, but luckily Valentine's Day fell just before Ash Wednesday. Mark, Fitz, Alex and I celebrated Palentine's Day with some of our favorite people and I made this HEAVENLY Chocolate Lasagna from iheart naptime. I retooled it a little bit, and my tweaks (mainly I made it a touch smaller for the smaller crowd), are up on Alabama Women Blogger's Foodie Friday series.

We have a reader that still loves the circa 2005 email forwards. He sends them nearly daily. Sometimes they are hilarious, and sometimes they are just stupid. This one made me literally say "aaaawwwweeee". 

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