Monday, March 2


I am excited to be linking up with Becky at Choosing Happiness for the weekly Currently post. I actually found this in a round about way from one of the other girls in Alabama Women Bloggers, and I'm so glad I did. Maybe this will help me blog more? Oh who am I kidding? I was going to spend Sunday writing about my trip to New York and instead watched The Glades on Netflix in my pajamas.

Enjoying... Binge watching! About three months ago (when football season ended) we cut cable! Now all we do is binge watch things on Netflix, with the exception of Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor and Castle, which I keep up with via Hulu. We're getting REALLLLL close to finishing Sons of Anarchy, and will start on the newest House of Cards. Mark was with the big kids Sunday, while Alex and I stayed away thanks to a case of pinkeye running through the house. I started watching The Glades. I'm on the fence. Some episodes I love, some are a little boring. Anyone else seen this show? Mark's not a huge fan, but will watch if I've already got it on.

Attempting... To catch up on everything life related. This week is another crazy one at work, but I really need to get my ducks in a row for March. (HOW IS IT ALREADY MARCH?) Yesterday Fitz rolled over again, which basically means he's ready for college, and I'll be damned if that happens before I have a chance to get some decent pictures of him immobile. Squishy babies that fall over because their heads are too big are just too cute for words.

Shopping... We are officially eaters now. Today marks Day Two of carrots. As I am always ill-prepared, we only have four spoons and two portable snack containers for school. I'm super lucky this is all happening at the same time Babies R Us has munchkin dining accessories BOGO 50% off. Any gadgets out there I just HAVE to try? We have two of the early baby food feeders and I have to say, I love them. So easy to use when I'm too lazy to go through the whole highchair, spoon mess. Plus, Fitz and Alex really took to the carrots well out of that compared to the spoons.
I really need a mani...

Excited about... Heading home this weekend and spending some quality time with my family! Fingers crossed no one gets sick!

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  1. So glad you joined this! My husband and I watched all of the Glades, and we really liked it, but warning you in advance the show got canceled after the 4th season and it totally ends of a cliff hanger. Those feeders look so cool. I've never seen them before.

  2. Your little boy is soooo cute!! Yes, more squishy baby photos!!!

    Thank you so much for joining me in my Currently series this week. Have a great weekend! XO Becky


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