Wednesday, March 18

Five Months

So, better late than never on this, as per usual boys. #mommaworks

Five months has absolutely FLOWN by! You're firmly eating baby purees and cereal. I'm so proud of you. Y'all constantly babble to anyone in ear shot. This month you both finally noticed each other and melted my heart! You now babble at one another and smile when you see each other. Sometimes you'll even hold hands. You love school and Miss Renae more than anything and we are so excited to have found that wonderful haven for y'all. You both absolutely love your big brother and he's pretty smitten too!
You really are the happiest babies I've ever seen. You get really mad sometimes, but you're just generally happy.
We just changed pediatricians (and didn't go this month) so I have no clue how long y'all are or how big. I weighted you by weighing myself and then with you each in my arms. I'm not sure that was the most accurate because there's no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks Momma weights what the scale said...

Fitz, we've taken to calling you Fitzy and you're still just as Fuss Budgety as ever. Though lately, you throw a lot of side eye at Alex. Which I find hilarious but I probably shouldn't encourage. You're definitely a better eater—dude you never, ever miss a meal. You get so frustrated when you try to roll over and can't seem to make it work. You love your door jumper, but only in small increments. After about 25 minutes you are You give the biggest and best smiles. Your hair is starting to get a little out of control, with weird tufts of curls on the side. Your first haircut is quickly approaching I think!

Alex, you're still my sweet little Squeaks. You eat a little slower, a little more mindfully than your brother. Squash is NOT your friend—at all. I haven't seen you that upset with your stomach since the untreated malro days. You love pears, it's probably from my sweet tooth you've inherited. You're the sweetest boy. Still smaller than Fitzy, but you're catching up, quickly. You and Charles have totally hit it off this month. I think it's mainly because you both are fascinated by moving pictures: TV, computer games, iPad games, iPhone games, you name it, you and Cha love it. It's so odd, but I would swear on my life you actually watch TV when we sit you up on the couch.

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  1. I have loved reading your posts! I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!


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