Tuesday, March 10


I'm joining Becky's link up for the second time in a row, look at me being all good about blogging. I love this link up because it really does push me to keep a record of life—one of the reasons I try to keep this little online diary going.

I'm joining in on Tuesday instead of Monday, since this weekend was one of the most odd in my life as a mom. I felt like I needed to write about it after I digested exactly what happened.

So here's what's going on around the Anderson house these days.

Making... St. Patrick's Day plans. One of my favorite lessons during the faith formation year is our St. Patrick's Day "party." In years past we've done wooden spoon saints, but this year I feel like mixing it up. Anyone have any great ideas? I've looked at Pinterest, but nothing's tickled my fancy.
Miss Jessica's first class

Watching... The Bachelor. OH. MY. GAH. I really wasn't a huge fan of Prince Farming, but this season. Y'ALL. I will forgive Ashley Salter for being an Auburn alum.

Enjoying... the final few seasons of Sons of Anarchy. It seems to be dragging a bit, but I’m looking forward to some actual action in terms of plot (not just violence) that I've been told is soon coming. We are currently on Season 5; Episode 8.

Loving... This: 23 Times D.W. Was The Realest Bitch Who Ever Lived
via tumblr

Thankful... That I can write a check for Fitz & Alex's spring pictures, because clearly, I'm no photog.
"Upgrade cameras already woman," my child probably.

Quote of the day... Truth.
source unknown


  1. I loved Arthur growing up! I watched it well into my teen years haha. Candid baby photos are the best. They may not always be pretty, but they're real life. I have so many action shots of the little guy I nanny for on my phone that I can't delete because the story behind them is too good.

  2. haha those DW lines are classics :P

  3. LOL on DW. My kids like Arthur too! haha
    Adorable St Patty's day projects!
    Thank you for joining my Currently series this week! I love hearing what you are up to!
    XO Becky with Choose Happy


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