Friday, March 20

Friday Favorites

Ahhh! Friday! I both love and hate this day. I love having two days off from work, but I also hate that my children aren't exactly at the point yet where I can tell them EVERYONE sleeps in on Saturday, none of this 6:15am bullshit, thanks, entertain yourselves, I'll be up and ready to play with you around 9:30.

Friday Favorites

I am currently obsessed with this collection from Nora Roberts. I have no idea where I got it, probably a yard sale, because my cover is definitely not the one Amazon is picturing, but I found it on my shelf and CANNOT put it down. I've already read the first two books and am thisclose to finishing the third. Please tell me I am not the only Nora Roberts lover in the world?

My copy's cover, via

One of my favorite dinners to make right now is Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta. A Pinterest tweak of course, I blogged my version of the recipe for Alabama Women Bloggers Foodie Friday series. SO GOOD.

Hilarious, no?

Cheers to the freakin' weekend! I'm having a yard sale tomorrow and saying a final goodbye to a large portion of my college and single girlhood's bittersweet. I'm honestly a little nervous to actually pull off the yard sale but hey, it's hopefully going to save me a trip to Goodwill and make us some money to redo the living room and buy some plants for the front porch!

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