Saturday, May 16

15 for 2015 Update: April

What counts here is that I am keeping myself accountable about this right? Not that I am post dating this, like I actually wrote it in the middle of May…. 

Progress on 15 for 2015 during the month of April, which I barely realized was over.

15 for 2015 
Hit the Pure Barre Montgomery 250 Tuck Club (Accomplished in January) 
Spend another long weekend in Curacao 
Show Fitz and Alex the beach  
Take an entire month and not buy a single piece of clothing (or accessory) for myself Still working on this one. It’s a long year! 
Finally re-decorate our living room DONE! Finished this one in time for Fitz and Alex’s Baptism celebration! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 
Update my phone software (Not that it helped anything) 
Visit Kimber, Gentry and Saylor at the farm in Pennsylvania 
Go home for Alabama Homecoming 
Write my Nanny once a month January: yes, sort of. February: yes! March: yes! April: No. I need to make this a more regular habit. Sometimes I find myself missing her a lot and remember there were years where I talked to her all day, every day. How can I not find time to write to her? I’ve got a lot of guilt on this one. 
Try 15 new recipes 1: Creamy Italian Chicken Crockpot Bake 2: Cajun Cake recipe from Southern Living Annual Recipes 1987 edition 3: Basil Chicken Pizza 4: Fiesta Chicken Rice Bowls
Completely clean out my closet Still working on it. It’s a long year! 
Take about a zillion more pictures Working on it, I mean, how can I not want to document this sweet face? 
Clean out the storage unit and sell the furniture we are never going to use (Accomplished in March)  
Show Mark Philadelphia and the Porecca family

Obviously, apparently, I'm all about that slow climb to greatness, time to kick it up a notch, maybe?

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