Saturday, May 9


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365 days have been a helluva adventure. Becoming Mrs. Walter Mark Anderson, IV on a tiny island in the southern Caribbean, just us two, was magical. I couldn't have imagined a better partner for everything we've gone through this last year. Lord knows we've gone through it all. And while I still get pangs of jealousy over friends' beautiful weddings, I know this was perfect for us and exactly what we needed, exactly who we are.
I promise not to cry today like I did on this day last year, stinky pot husband, if you promise not to sweat to death. No trespassing to fish either!!
I'm glad we've survived this year, because we've got so many more to go.

The #johnsonandersonadventures are still only just beginning. I've even started remembering to introduce myself as "Jessica Anderson"! #progress
So, here's to year two and year twenty-two and the ones in-between I have a feeling we'll still be battling over the temperature in the house and whether or not we have enough pets.

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