Friday, April 17

Friday Favorites

Another week I'm pretending to actually be a blogger, another installment of Friday Favorites. I love the flexibility of this space. Maybe one day I will actually get myself in gear and with some regularity actually post. #highhopes

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My Dad and Stepmom are HUGE golfers, and golf fans. I will admit, just by default, I’ve become an enthusiast. Not that I want to play the sport really, but I love watching those cute pies walk the lush courses. A few weeks ago put out an article about my favorite golf analyst, David Feherty, and well, it’s magnificent. Roll tide forever. The Masters were great and all but is it football time yet?

"I've been to a lot of sporting events and heard some extraordinary crowd reactions, but I remember being up in the stadium when the team ran out on the field, and for a moment I wanted my mommy," Feherty said to "I thought what the f------ hell is wrong with these people? It's the damnedest thing I ever heard. They just went completely batshit mental. The atmosphere was so extraordinary; I had never seen anything like it."

Currently obsessed with this song. I puffy pink heart you Kelsea Ballerini.

As I get more invested (I think that's the word I am looking for) in this space, and building a community around it, I have been getting a lot of comments! And I love comments. However, loads of people are "No-Reply Bloggers" meaning when you comment I can't respond, even though I want to. Are you? Check out this tutorial from Venus Trapped In Mars to fix it. #commentloveforeveryone

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