Tuesday, April 7

Six Months

Babies. Holy goodness gracious. Six months ago, right this moment, I was a bowling ball completely horrified that I was about to deliver you. Horrified because I was so unsure of how this whole thing would work—you, me, your dad. There's been a lot of learning and a lot of mistakes, but thankfully, we're all still standing. For now. 
I remember when six months used to move at a turtle's pace, now it's like if I blink I've missed a week. You've grown and changed so much since we brought you home. Every day you continue to grow and change and scare the shit out of me. You've started grabbing each others hands and babbling at each other, like you just now realized your best friend is always just a few inches away.
You both are regular rollers now at school, but you can't quite seem to roll over for me. But that's a-okay. I'm not desperate to have you mobile. Rolling leads to crawling and crawling leads to college.

Fitzy, you're the chunky baby and while we haven't yet been to the doctor for your six month check up, I know you're packing in at a solid weight. You just FEEL heavier. You're a great eater and lately, after some struggles, you've become a great sleeper. You haven't cut any teeth yet, but you're super drooly and I know a tooth or two is on the way. You love to eat, and never, ever miss a meal. You're like a cartoon baby, you never stop smiling. Until recently, you had no interest in toys or books or anything, but now you are absolutely obsessed with a crinkly baby book your Grandma got you. Which reminds me that I'm the wrong kind of writer—who would have though four words was all it took to pen a best-seller.

Little Al Pal, you're getting chunkier every day and I just want to freeze you at this size. You're the most expressive thing on the planet. I mean, seriously, you throw side eye and smiles and everything in between. 12 hours with you can mean experiencing every emotion in the known world. You love playing with my old rag doll, Sally, and I am furiously searching for the boy version, Bobby. You're not the best sleeper, but lately you've been on a great streak! You don't have any teeth either, but I can definitely feel the ridges on your gums and I know they are coming.
You're the happiest babies on the block usually and I've taken to dragging you everywhere. So far, your favorite places to visit (besides school and Grandma's house) are Cloverdale Bottom Park, The A&P Courtyard and Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jeb's house.

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