Friday, April 22

Friday Favorites

I'm celebrating the end of this week with some Friday Favorites. Because all the basic white girls love Fri Yay! right?!
Friday Favorites
I am #obsessed with this balm. My friend Kelley gave me a sample to try on Fitz's patches of eczema and in just three nights the patches were mostly gone. By morning four they were so hard to notice—and you could just tell his skin looked better. I promptly texted her that I needed much, much more of this magic elixir.
Speaking of Fitz and Alex, this made me quite literally laugh out loud last weekend. We were out running errands, and it got to be lunchtime so obviously I wanted to go to Chipotle—because when we are on that side of town, where Chiptole is, I always want to go to Chiptole.
I craved, like FIERCE craved, Chiptole when I was pregnant. Jury was out for a while but the verdict has finally returned: they love Chiptole as much on the outside as they did on the inside.

I need help Disney people!! So I am a "Magic Maker" this year as part of my volunteer efforts with Magic Moments. I am in charge of helping to make the magic last a little while for one very special girl (and her family) as they prepare to go to Disney!! I am so excited but so overwhelmed. I am not a Disney person, and the available crafts on Pinterest seem insurmountable. What are your favorite things to do for kiddos when preparing for a Disney trip? I've got a limited budget, but I really want to knock this out of the park. Help!!
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