Monday, April 25

Getting Cutesy with Erin Condren: March

I knew April was going to be a little, shall we say nuts for me, but I don't think I actually let it sink in that March AND April were going to be completely nuts for me. I'm still blaming Leap Day for throwing me off the month of March. And pneumonia. I can get away with that, right?

I'm back with my second (super, duper, probably slightly embarrassingly late) Erin Condren Life Planner month review. To recap: I absolutely love my planner but have been, previously, terrible at using the month view and am trying to get cutesy with stickers. As part of my non-resolutions for the New Year, I am trying to take time at the beginning of every month to plan out what goes where. I'm also taking the opportunity to look back at the month I just finished—hoping this helps me reach and set attainable goals.

It was a busy March. Not as busy as I thought it was going to be from the start, but busy all the same. I fell off the sticker wagon. This was the month of the flu and pneumonia so the fact that I even wrote ish down makes me feel like I accomplished something. AND I did use the cute little do-it-all dot for my dentist appointment #winning
April, which I am going to pretend like it isn't Apr. 25th and act like I have the whole month ahead of me here, is going to be an absolute blur with a weeklong trip to Atlanta for a conference my company produces, plus some charity meetings and exciting things like a Magic Moments reveal and a baby shower. Maybe this week I will really give it my all and start stickering the hell out of my planner.
Right. There's always the idea you can start fresh when summer comes.

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