Wednesday, February 10

Fully Recovered

So I am (pretty much) fully recovered from the big 2-1. I had a wonderful time and I really wish I had pictures to post. Luckily, or rather, thankfully, William did not take any pictures. I wore a wonderfully beaded high waisted skirt on loan from my fashionable cousin Kimmie. I paired it with a black tee shirt, tights and Jessica Simpson Henri's. I pinned my hair in a low chignon and did some sexy pink lipstick. I may say I was one hot ticket! It poured rain all day and well into the weekend so I tried to be positive. After all it was the big day!

Side note: Henri's are THE heels you must have in your closet. I beat mine to a pulp usually but I swear by them. Plain, flattering and all around amazing. I can and have run in them. Belk has them on sale usually and I was SO excited when I found them on Overstock! They are sooo worth the investment!

My birthday frankly is one of my favorite days of the year. Because, well, duhhh, it's ALL about me! But sadly Sunday came, along with the reminder of homework and the long week ahead. Today I am having a sick day, I woke up this morning with more tummy troubles. But tomorrow and Friday will require all my energy so I pray I lose these troubles :) Tonight is Grace-Kelly's third birthday party so look for some pictures and a posting about it soon!

Happy "Hump" Day to all!

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