Tuesday, February 16

Tips Tuesday--Cooking Tips

Okay brace yourself for this one-- William's fraternity brother's wife, Leslie, who has become a friend of mine of course, is doing something called a blog hop about tips for life. I love to cook/bake and I wanted to try out the hop thing so here we go.

I am a sweets person. I eat cookie dough raw and I love freshly baked cookies! My best cooking tip came from a sorority sister. Although I am sure any good baker knows the secret: Parchment Paper. I line EVERY single thing I bake with Parchment Paper. While it might cost a bit more, you do not need to use icky aerosol can Pam spray and things do not burn (most of the time)!!!
Side note: if making more than one batch with a single cookie sheet you can use the Parchment Paper and not have to worry about washing cooked cookie off the sheet. Also, on the baking note I am a firm believer in holiday spirit. For instance, the Saints' colors are black and gold. So for the Super Bowl I made football cut out cookies and used left over black sugar from this Halloween to give the cookies Saints' flair. Along the same idea, red icing works for Christmas and Valentines! I always make sure the sugar has not gone bad for some reason, but usually you have close to year on things like that!

Happy Baking!

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